Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS (Catalina, Catalyst)

Apple is bringing iOS apps to macOS in Project Catalyst in the next iteration of macOS (Catalina) due this fall. If reports are correct, this will allow developers to make their iOS apps available on macOS with a simple toggle of a switch in the compiler.

If it all works out, this will allow Wyze to make their iOS app available on macOS with essentially no development effort and without the increased security risk that could be introduced in a web-based app.

That is great news if that occurs.

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This is huge :mailbox_with_mail: news for Wyze and us users :star_struck: that want to see our cams from a computer :computer: we should be telling :loudspeaker: everyone to get ball rolling :soccer:

view wyze cams via the Wyze app from my Apple Mac Book Pro , Like i do from my Samsung Tablet

I know there is a popular wishlist item for PC/Browser access generally , but I’m hoping Wyze will give special consideration to a MacOS app, especially with Apple’s announcement of the project Catalyst/Marzipan tool to make it (relatively) easy to port an existing iOS application to Macintosh. It’s low-hanging fruit.

It would help me to be able to see my Wyzecam video larger than what is visible on my phone.

Wyze please try to get the wyze app on computers.