Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

It is made of silicone, and the “hood-lip” can be easily cut off.

For $7 you can even design your own wyze cam skin.
Wyze Cam Skins


So awesome, the Wyze support universe is growing so fast that its hard to believe it only been two years they started selling the cameras.


I know Wyze offered a special black cam body last year about this time. Is it possible to do a black cam body/case maybe once or twice during the year ? I realize that keeping white and black stocked all the time is more wok so again, why not once or twice a year ?

The roadmap says “In development,” which means they’re working on it. No word about timing yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see another offer for Black Friday this year.

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For those who can’t wait till black friday, I just found and bought a silicone cover for the V2 Wyze on Amazon too. The great thing about this is if the camera ever fails you can swap it to another one, and its super matte so any cams facing out windows should get less glare. Not sure how many they sell but Wyze cam accessories like this would be a great add on direct from Wyze.

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