Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

there is a guy on these forums that does a great job with the vinyls…i bought a few from him and I love them.

Even if white is considered cooler these days, black blends more easily in a non nerd setting and is easier to conceal.

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Most of our V2s are looking out windows and the white body makes a noticeable reflection in the recorded video at certain times of the day. So I used a large Sharpie Pro to color just the fronts black.

No more annoying “whitewash” reflections in the glass and @fabulous is correct - they blend in so much better because they don’t look at all like cameras any more. With no distinctive round black lens showing up on a white background, they are just nondescript black squares in the windows. Even against white window treatments, they do not scream “SECURITY CAMERA HERE!” any more.

I left the rest of the camera stock white/gray to possibly reflect heat better.

Anyhow, my $0.02 worth is that it’s a lot easier to change the color of a white plastic camera with almost any color magic marker than it is to change the color of a black plastic one. And it takes all of two or three minute to do, even for someone as un-artistic as myself. The only trick is to let the permanent ink dry before carelessly handling the camera. :expressionless:

So I think the current white cameras offer more flexibility in concealment and blending in - when that is desired.


My vote is definitely to bring back Wyze Cam Black!

Shoot, I’d definitely buy more cams in black!!

I vote YES

Definitely should bring it back!

The only reason I am not adding more cameras to my already healthy stock of them is due to the lack of the black cameras…

I love you guys !!! One of the best community forums on the net.

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I transformed all of my seven Wyze Cams to black using automotive vinyl film from Amazon - its super easy. The round bottom sensor under the camera lens is the same size a paper hole punch, then I just exacto knife the larger lens area, blow it with a hair dryer it to seal the deal and done. Black Wyze Cam.

Black Matte Car Wrap Vinyl Roll with Air Release 3MIL-VViViD8


Aww… Thank you! That totally made my day! :heart:

I would be willing to pay $5-$7 more for a black version. There are several places I would love to place a WyzeCam but the white is simply not attractive in these locations. A darker color would work much better.


I found that using a black magic marker on the front makes it have less reflection to look through window glass,

It was hinted in the Wyze Bulb ama that it would be coming back for black friday again this year. Likely not going to happen until then.

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plastidip avoids that and gives it a dull light absorbing finish. and it peels off :slight_smile:


So I recently got my first Wyze cam and it’s great. However, there are other locations I’d like to use one, but white just sticks out like a sore thumb, I need a black cam.

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I vote yes

Black is much easier to conceal.

Please bring back the black edition - temporarily is fine (and +$2.50 more would be acceptable.)

Please bring back the black wyze cam!!

Spray paint it black