Bring back the On/Off camera toggle on the Home page in app


MOD EDIT: This was launched on 4/24/19!

Preferred the On/Off toggle visible on the Home page view for each camera. This lets me turn off any camera without necessarily launching it and waiting for it to connect.

It was a very useful shortcut that was present in the last beta. Don’t know why they took it away in this update. Please bring this back.

App usability feedback

We’ll be bringing this back! We found a bug in there shortly before launch so we decided to take it down and fix it before we send it out to everyone. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the quick response. Looking forward to having it fixed. All the best…!



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This has been launched as of 4/24/19!


Got that toggle earlier in the beta. Thanks to all of you at Wyze for bringing it back…

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@WyzeGwendolyn I noticed some users including myself accidentally turn on and off the camera by accident with the toggle icons being so large. Can there be a setting where you can have hide it from the home screen?


Different strokes for different folks, I guess. That is the essence of a Quick Toggle, to let one see the current status of each camera at a glance without having to do the 1-2-3 connecting/authentication dance everytime, especially when you have several.

As for people who turn their cameras on and off several times, I turn mine on every time I step out and turn them off when I am indoors. They are mostly for monitoring so I don’t need them streaming 24/7 unless I am out and about or when I travel.

As for shortcuts, I’ve had them fail without notification thus meaning a camera is off/on when it was supposed to be in the opposite state.

So yeah, different strokes…

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Whoops! Sorry to hear about that. I like this idea. Do you mind making a Wishlist post about it over in :slight_smile:


I just posted the idea. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to implement. Having a customizable setting would work for everyone.

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I’m not sure how difficult it will be to implement either. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: