Bring Back Black Camera's

I finally got around to replacing 3 of my white v2 cameras with black ones and I have to say they look so much better. This is because they don’t stand out in areas that don’t have a white background, and that’s exactly what I want. So please Wyze, bring back more black camera’s!

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I assume you meant white v2 cams…unless you’ve been alpha testing the v3’s they’ve told us they are working on…but then you shouldn’t have said anything…

ANYWAY, I agree, In my initial order I got a pancam and a White v2. Then Black cams became available, and I bought some of those, LOVED them for all the reasons you stated (they don’t stand out as much and draw the attention there is a camera), so I bought even more. I don’t like white anymore because I hate that it’s not basically all white. Much prefer the all black.

I hope the new v3’s come in black too.

Um, they are back? Go ahead and get one for $19.99.

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Spray paint or sharpie? I recommend plasti dip, because you can take it off at a later time. Vinyl sheets from craft stores work also. Many more color combos if you paint or design you own camera. :slight_smile:


Yup! I like an airbrush and enamel paints! And of course some judicious masking!

Thanks, I corrected my v3 mistake. Another reason why I like the black cams better is that the base is also black and not gray, like on the the white ones.

Yes, but they are a limited edition. Which means they won’t have them forever. If black can’t be along side of white then maybe Wyze should sell a black skin cover for their white cams.

I have a few plastidipped from previous to getting black v2s, but my fav fun one is vinyl.

Wyze-afied urban camo… ish. :slight_smile:


Jeepers you really are a fan. :wink:

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I like that! I need one that says “Big Brother” instead of Wyze!


I’m using my v2 inside a window. The lights at night illuminated the camera and cause a reflection. The white camera was the only thing you could see. So I cut up a black iron-on patch and attached it using strapping tape. Worked great! I can now see outside at night. The iron-on patch isn’t glossy, so no reflection shows up.

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You do know you can disable the lights and leave night vision on? It made all the difference for me in false bug alerts. Lots of people with windows do that in combination with an outdoor IR light.


My wife wants the light on.

I’ve only gotten 3 or 4 bug alerts this year, so this is an acceptable false positive.

Are you talking about the onboard camera IR lights? Or a room or exterior light :bulb: ? If you mean the onboard camera IR lights, how good does it illuminate the outside when using it through the window vs having them off?

The onboard IR light reflects as a bright circle completely blotting everything out. The reflection of the outside light off the white case of the camera ALMOST blots everything out. Putting the matte black coat over the camera allows it to see something at night.

So does disabling the LED lights. For many of us the night mode IR vision still picks up a surprising amount with just ambient night time lighting.

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