Bridge has problems connecting to WiFi and sensors appear to be out of range

I was so excited when I heard about Wizen Sense and order the Starter Kit right away. I was going to buy a bunch more contact sensors.
Unfortunately, I have had nothing but problems since installing them.

  1. I have two Google WiFi hubs in my Living room, both within 10 feet from the Wizen Pan Cam with the Sense hub. The light on the hub just keeps blinking orange/blue. I have disconnected power and unplugged the bridge multiple times. It worked once when I put the camera and hub right next to the Google WiFi hub.
  2. The first contact sensor I installed on my side door, only to find out that it is apparently too far from the bridge. I used a USB extension cord to get the camera closer to the sensor. I initially got it to work but once I moved the camera back to the top of the fireplace which is maybe 20 feet away it would no longer work.
  3. The second contact sensor was for my garage door opener which is probably 30-40 feet from my Wizen Pan Cam in the living room with almost direct line of sight through the large windows. This time I connected the sensor while standing next to the camera/hub and then I keep moving away from the camera. When I reached the back door which is maybe 15 feet away it would no longer communicate with the hub.
    If I have to buy another Wize Cam and hub for the garage, I don’t really need a contact sensor there since I can use the camera motion detection and video to determine if the door is open/closed.
    It seems like Wizen should come out with independent hubs that can be plugged into a 110V outlet and provide more range.

Please reach out to our customer support to trouble shoot, the range is definitely more than 20 ft and you might have gotten a defective one. Sorry for the trouble.

Mark - I will do that. Thx

Do you know if there are restrictions to daisy chaining Wize cams?

I currently have two Wyze Pan Cams on the mantle of the fireplace daisy chained and connected to one power supply. If I added the Sense hub/bridge would that draw too much power?

The bridge is drawing a very small amount of power, it shouldn’t be an issue. Again, sorry for the trouble and hope we can identify what’s going on with your setup.

@txcrude and @WyzeMark

Some users are reporting problems with power drops affecting bridges on daisy chained cameras, especially if longer power cords are used. We have been recommending to not install bridges on daisy chained cameras.


Interesting. Thanks for the heads up, this varies a lot depending on the setup and looks like it’s not consistent for everyone. I will mention this back to the team.


I am using the standard cables that come with the Pan Cam, however, they are longer than the ones that come with the Wize Cam. I wonder if a more powerful power supply would help?

If you search the forum, you will see people have had varying success with more powerful power supplies. YMMV

Submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago as per Mark’s suggestion and no response from Wyze support.

Sorry that’s happening. Could you please post your support ticket in a reply?

Wyze Ticket 222975