Brand New (unopened) WYZE ROBOT VACUUM from Toronto

Hi Guys,

I am from New Zealand & a big fan of WYZE since its starting. I ordered the ROBOT VACUUM & got it delivered to my friend in INDIANAPOLIS. He then sent it to my sister in Toronto via his friend’s trucking company.

Now due to high shipping quotes to my country & borders closed due to covid, I have decided to sell it there.

Condition: Brand New (UnOpened box)
Price: USD250
Warranty: Same as New

I can provide a copy of invoice for future warranty purposes.

Please let me know here or email me [Mod Edit] if someone is interested.

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I’ll take it for $250 Canadian.

Appreciate your offer but i have spent more than that. I would like to consider an offer closer to the given price, if not exact. Please raise it if you can. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested, but I’m a few hours from Toronto. Would you consider shipping within Canada? And what are you looking to get for price? Feel free to PM me (I seem to not yet have the ability to do that yet, possibly because I haven’t used my forum account much).

I’m also a huge fan of Wyze, although just getting into them. Have a V2 cam and looking at getting a V3 or two. Then recently discovered this vacuum while looking at others, and was impressed with the reviews and capabilities for the price.

Not sure how this forum works on PM , I tried to send you a message not as a reply. Not sure you got it or not.

Anyway, you can send me details for delivery & i will check if i could deliver, if you happy to pay what i am seeking?

Still got this? I’ll pay $250 USD cash for it in person.

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Are you based in Toronto? Can you provide your contact details ?

I sent you a direct message