Brand new outdoor cam - battery won't charge



Yes. Is that hard to believe? :slight_smile:
That’s what the USB port is for.

I turn off the camera, plugged to the base station, left it for 10 hours and still didn’t charge. What’s going on? I also tried to turn it on, left for 3 hours and still not charging


Blinking red/ orange light on the WCO after 24 hours of charging…?

Yes, still blinking red. Still shows 3%.

Update- when I went back to check it again it still shows 3% charged. When I turn it off and I turn off the base. Then I turned both back on it suddenly shows 98%. It could be a firmware issue. After 3 hours, battery charge went down to 78%.

FYI, mine charged to 100% reported via the app, but the red LED never came on solid. I was using 2 different external chargers, because my base is tucked away where I can’t easily get to it.

How can you tell if it is charging or how much battery life it has?

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The outdoor cam when plugged into a power source via the Micro USB port on the back of the camera, it will display Charging as its status on the live stream page in the Wyze app along with its charge %. The camera’s LED will light up to indicate that it’s charging.

  • Charging from 0%-100% takes ~4 hours

Charging: Flashing Red Light

Fully Charged: Solid Red Light

I’ve been attempting to charge my WYZE outdoor camera for the first time. It has been 36 hours and it is only at 32%. I’ve moved it to three different plugs because it seems to stop charging after a while at each plug. No way it should be taking this long. I am using the cord it came with. On the app, it shows that it’s charging, but the number never goes up. Meaning, I’m seeing the lightning bolt indicating it is charging, but the number just stays at 32%.

Posting cause I didn’t see it on this thread… for anyone having charging problems, using a different charge cable than the one provided fixed the issue with my new outdoor cam. I just happened to receive a bad one. Worth a try, might work for you.

I have an outdoor cam that has been plugged in for 3 days. It is stuck at 54%. I tried turning it off to see if it’d charge faster and no luck. My other two charge and work just fine. These things are NOT at all reliable! I would classify these as novelty items at best.

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Had a issue 3 months ago with a 2 week old Outdoor Cam (charging and connecting issues)…I trashed the Cam (not calling Support)…I had a Code for a Free Cam from last year…Used it and Cam is working.

I have a brand new outdoor cam, haven’t even installed it in my app yet because it said that it should be fully charged first. It has been plugged in for 24 hours and is still blinking red light. Should I install it even though it isn’t fully charged and see what % it’s at?

This is frustrating.

Mine was also “stuck” at 3% charge even after a week spent on various chargers. I’m turned both cam and base off, waited a few minutes and turn them both back on. 100% charged. Yay!