Brand new outdoor cam - battery won't charge

got the new cam today - I like it and setup was easy however after attaching a good microUSB cable to it - the battery showed zero

Reconnected to another MicroUSB charger - still zero!

Picture was great till the camera gave up the ghost - trying now a third charger…

Anybody seeing this issue?


@jeff.embury Welcome to the Wyze community! That’s a real bummer. :pensive: You could have a defective camera. I recommend starting a support ticket with customer service.

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I have… that was my first action


well… though I DID let it charge for quite a bit it IS charging now

NOT fast though (like really slow!)

We’ll see what it says in the AM (Wish they used USB-C on these)

The support article says charging time takes up to 4 hours.

Use a 2+ amp charger if you have one.

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I have two of these cams, the first charged from 30 to 100 percent in a couple of hours. The second cam using same charger, from 35 to 95 percent in 24 hours, never went above 95 percent. I am keeping an eye on this.

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Mine is taking FOREVER, too. Has charged 9% in 1 hour. I came to the forum to see if there is a recommended way to charge.
I turned it off thru the software. Maybe I’ll try it with the button switched to off.

I was using one of the Wyze cam power adapters. Suuuper slow. Those, and iPhone chargers, are the only usb, type a, chargers that I have. Plugged it into my Mac, and it’s charging a lot faster.

Ha! I didn’t even notice the USB port on the side of the base station. I WAS using one of the power adapters from one of my Wyze cams. They are only 1A. I had watched the setup video and it mentioned using a Wyze power adapter. Not sure which one of those is 2A. The camera doesn’t seem to charge if it is switched off. Also, the charge level seemed to stop updating in the app while it was charging. If I would unplug it, it would show an increase in the charge a few minutes later. I stopped charging it last night when it was around 70%. This morning, it showed 96%. They might not be calibrating correctly. Which should be able to be fixed with a firmware update.

Maybe found a solution? Turn off switch on outdoor camera and then use supplied USB cable and plug it into the base station USB port. Directions are not real clear but that seems to be the correct path to charging this camera.


Mine didn’t seem like it was charging when it was switched off. I’m going to try your suggestion next time. They do say somewhere that it will charge faster if it is not recording (turned off in the app).

Camera is turned off and offline. Maximum charge is 54% with a solid red light. Can’t get past 54%.

You could try taking it off the charger, and turning it on. Wait 15 minutes or so, then check to see if the percentage is higher. It seems like there is an error with the charge calibration. (Or something)

Ok…got back to the issue. Adapter wasn’t big enough that I used. Using a bigger one that shows it charging. Wyze should ship an adapter with this product

Aren’t you supposed to charge from the USB port in the base?
I don’t have a WOC just thought I had read that.

You can do either according to the quick start guide

According to WYZEDongsheng in another thread

Charge it to full with supplied cable and base station. If you want to use your own charger, make sure both the adapter and cable is able to supply power greater than 5V/2A.

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That’s what I thought. The base is the included charger.

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Yes the base is ‘the included charger’, you can use your own but it has to meet the proper standards