Body Cam

With your premium products I feel your company could create a great product at a low price point.

The unit can be used for elderly, public service, etc

I’ve added this submission to the wishlist. @helpdesk9999, it might be good if you could flesh this out a bit with some more details about how you envision this working, what kind of specs it would have, etc.

You guys need to develop a cost effective model for personal use and safety as there is so much lawlessness in society, too much he said, she said. You seem to have the basic technology so i can’t see it being that difficult. Please help.

This is a really great idea. It could run off your phone just like the band.:grin:

Great idea. A miniture lens or camera device that either attaches to the phone or via Bluetooth and can be worn on clothing to record what you see.


I made a similar suggestion for a Body Cam a couple of months ago. This would also aid in the elderly with doctor visits (instructions and recap from the doctor). With the low price point Wyze has it could also be a favorite among public service, etc.

Yes would love a Wyze body cam and direct access with app. I regret buying a cheap ($50) one from Amazon and have no doubts that Wyze could do much better.

I’d prefer a discreet design as well.

Wyze should be getting into body camera (small). I would certainly buy them.

A small discrete body cam that can be worn or attached to the chest. It can record continuously overwriting old recording or on demand. Similar to a dashcam but much smaller.

A body cam that can record the hike, give you altitude, temperature readings. May include better location tracking than phone if that is possible.

The body cam can be used normally too but should be robust for hike purpose

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