Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?

Yes it’s Android only. I have v2.5.30 with Android 10 and the Bluetooth bug seemed resolved. I’ll have to try the latest v2.5.36 to see if the issue came back with that update.

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I noticed my car made a phone call over Bluetooth today when I had my wyze app on. After I hung up, I could not get it to make a call again even after turning on a wyze cam. I guess it’s not completely fixed yet.

hopefully they are still working to fix this problem. just got a new car and found this problem.

I’m not holding my breath. It seems that until the Outdoor camera is released everything else is on hold.

I’m not too interested in but I’m hoping it comes out soon so they can go back to fixing issues.

I don’t think this is a Wyze-specific issue. It’s an annoyance about the way certain bluetooth systems work. Mine does the same thing for MULTIPLE apps. It also does it any time I try to dictate a text, for example. I agree it’s annoying. I wish it would just use the phone itself. But you should probably complain to whoever makes the OS of your car’s head unit. Or just get a better head unit.

It’s because you have the ability to use the two-way communication while viewing the camera feed, and your car bluetooth system acts as if it’s calling your number in order to have access to your phone’s microphone for this purpose. But less crappy bluetooth systems don’t do it this way.

That’s a good point. I haven’t used any other apps that require 2-way communication (in my car) so I didn’t notice until I tried using the Wyze app.

I don’t even use the app for 2-way communication.

Well, this issue still isn’t resolved. I was about to make a thread but decided to do a search and found this thread. I bought my cameras 11/25. The firmware on all the cams is current as of today, the app on my phone is current as of today.

I got in my car and decided to test the cameras to make sure I could see them when I’m not on my home wifi. As soon as I opened the camera feed my phone started making a call to myself through my car’s bluetooth.

My car is a 2017 Subaru Forester with the best electronics package that was available. I’ve never had any bluetooth issues with any other apps.

My phone is a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10. I’ve never had any issues with the phone either.

Any updates from Wyze on this issue?

I know the cameras only cost $20 but so far I’ve encountered three annoying issues in just two days since I began setting them up. The bluetooth issue, one camera having a blurry picture, and all of my cameras crashing when I try to view video from the SD card. Not off to a great start…

It’s kind of scary that this thread is over a year old and the problem still isn’t fixed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or anything I can try?

Disable Bluetooth. Or get a better head unit. That’s about the only thing. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t think this is a Wyze-specific issue. It’s the way certain head units handle Bluetooth sending an audio signal to your car when you don’t already have your phone’s media selected as the source. This happens with several apps that play video or audio.

I can’t really disable bluetooth as it’s the only way I can make/receive calls while in my car.
I also use Bluetooth to play audiobooks from my Kindle, which btw works perfectly. I can have the Kindle streaming the audiobook through bluetooth and when a call comes in on my phone, the call takes precedence, then when I end the call, the Kindle takes over again.

I’ve used several other apps that are video/audio/both while in my car and none of them do this. I haven’t tried making or receiving an actual phone call after I hang up the Wyze call. I did see a post here where someone mentioned that after Wyze hijacks the bluetooth phone connection they weren’t able to make calls. If that’s the case for me it would definitely be a problem. But if I can make calls normally after hanging up the Wyze call it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll test it later today.

Okay. Well, good luck. Like I said, I’ve definitely seen the same behavior in lots of apps, though, so I think this has more to do with the manufacturer of your (and my) head unit than Wyze specifically.

I haven’t tried it, but you could probably disable Bluetooth access for the Wyze app specifically in your iOS/Android settings. That might solve the problem.

I assume that if you received a call, it would function normally because the Bluetooth connection is basically just sending the audio stream from your phone to your head unit. In this case, it’s because it expects that the video will have audio. But your phone call would take precedence over the app as soon as you answer it.

I haven’t seen any updates… I thought it was fixed but then I noticed it came back. @WyzeGwendolyn, do you know if they are still working on this?

I don’t think you can disable Bluetooth access from wyze in Android from my experience. I just try to remember to close the wyze app after I’m done using it. I noticed it only connects to my car’s BT speaker if I start my car and the app is open in the background.

I just tested this in my car and I can confirm it works the same way the Blink app works, for example, and several others that play video.

I also tried my own theory of disabling Bluetooth access, and I realized that the Wyze app doesn’t request Bluetooth access in the first place, which makes even more confident when I say that this is a quirk of the way your head unit and your phone communicate. I agree that it’s annoying, but it has everything to do with your head unit, and nothing to do with Wyze. Complain to the manufacturer of the head unit. That would be your vehicle manufacturer if your head unit is stock.

These are all the apps on my phone that have requested Bluetooth access. Waze, but no Wyze. This confirms that it has nothing to do with them.


Yep. Not just a Wyze issue on Android. The Ring app does the same thing on my Ford. I think we’ll “have to get over it” and move on.


Disable Bluetooth? New head unit? Maybe buy a new car or stop using a smartphone. Not practical solutions folks. This is a Wyze issue. Not a single other BT app has ever done this in my experience (6 smartphones, 3 vehicles, dozens of BT apps, 7 years). Wyze has admitted (many times) that this is their problem and a fix is coming. It’s been over a year so don’t hold your breath.

Yep. Until I get a better head unit, I’m stuck with the annoying behavior. It does the same thing if I try to dictate a text on my phone, which is super annoying because it misses the first 3-4 seconds of whatever I’m trying to dictate. Basically, if the phone is connected to Bluetooth, it refuses to use the built-in microphone or speaker for apps. I suspect nicer head units that support CarKit wouldn’t work this way.

But yeah, long story short – Not Wyze’s fault. I’d almost suggest that the @moderators close this thread, really. It’s not “solved,” but it’s also not something Wyze themselves are capable of solving.

I see where @WyzeGwendolyn said the devs were looking into it and maybe they pushed some things to hopefully improve the situation. But as I pointed out, the Wyze app doesn’t request Bluetooth access at all, so I don’t think they can choose whether the app’s audio runs through your car’s media or your phone’s external speaker or Bluetooth, for example. Those decisions would be happening between the OS and head unit.

Based on what I noticed with mine and what I’ve read on this thread, my guess is that although the Wyze app isn’t directly using bluetooth, it does seem like it hijacks the phone app which does use bluetooth.

I’ll spend some more time messing with it to see what else I can find.

I just played around with some other apps and I guess it’s technically possible to play a video without an app behaving that way, but from my limited testing, I’m thinking it probably isn’t possible to play a video and use the microphone at the same time without doing it this way. Since the Wyze stream supports two-way audio, I’m guessing this is part of the reason for the behavior. But nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like something caused directly by Wyze, (Every app I could think of that requires similar scenarios behaved the same way) and I don’t think it makes sense for them to disable the two-way audio feature so that crappy Bluetooth systems behave in a less annoying way.

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So your blink app also makes a phone call with Bluetooth when the app is open? I guess all video cameras will have this problem then? I’m going to test it with Ring too since @leanbarton said it has the same issue.

I have phone permissions turned off for wyze. I don’t know if that does anything though.

I noticed that if I open the wyze camera livestream after the car is already turned on and running then it doesn’t connect to Bluetooth. It only connects if the wyze app is open while I first turn on my car. Is that that same way it is occurring with other people’s car?

Yep. And yes, Ring, too. All of those support two-way audio, like Wyze. I’m thinking it’s probably necessary because of that.

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