Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?

Okay, could everyone here please upgrade to the new 2.4 app and give it a try to see if this is resolved now? :slight_smile:

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn. For me, it seems to be using media audio now, which is a major win. I can adjust the camera audio level using my volume rockers, which was not possible before. Thank you!!

However, when I hit the mic to speak through the camera (which works fine), then turn the mic off by taking the icon again, it turns both the mic and the speaker off. Then, when I tap the speaker to turn audio only back on, it’s silent (no sound at all) until I switch to a different app and back to the Wyze app. So it’s much better, but still a little buggy.

OnePlus 6T, Android 9 Pie.


I’ll give this feedback to the dev side! Thank you for the detailed report, @paulmike3. :slight_smile:

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i have 0 issue wit blutooth on my s8. I can play music to my headset and check my house at the same time.

there actually is an issue here, but is totally off topic. It doesn’t happen all the time, but if you’ve have been, or start, viewing Wyze video while attached to a bluetooth device it’ll sometimes hang and in order to get the bluetooth device to disconnect you have to force close the Wyze app. (I’m on android)

Additionally, anytime the Wyze app accesses bluetooth, it does so over the phone profile, verses the audio profile, which is very wonking.

I’m having this problem, too. When I’m in my car, connected with Bluetooth, and I open the Wyze app to view live stream from my V2, it appears on my car’s in-dash screen as a phone call, rather than as media audio. 2015 Toyota Rav4 & Google Pixel 2 XL On Android 9.

I started this thread last year. The new title should be “Bluetooth major bug- still here 1.5 years later. Where is Wyze support?”. I still have the exact same problem after all of the promised “fixes” provided by Wyze. They are simply clueless. Get used to it.

I think this is fixed in the latest WyzeBeta on Android for me.
UPDATE: Nevermind, I had the app open while getting in my car and the issue still occurs! This is madness!

I was checking my pan cam in the car today (stopped at a long light) to see if my son was awake. It made my phone call my car! My number kept showing as the number calling in. I drive a Subaru and have the phone connect via Bluetooth on the STARLINK system.

Any idea why it would do that? It’s just a curious thing, not really a problem.

Thanks! I am new to the site and didn’t see anything on here. Sorry to have begun yet another thread.

It does concern me when it seems like the phone app could be accessed and misused with this camera. I become paranoid that the system could have spyware. I know any system could be abused…but I’ll certainly be much more careful about how I utilize this camera in my home while I’m there.

I must say through, that it works great to know when my teenager gets up and to remind him to do his chores. No more “Your text didn’t come through” or “My phone doesn’t work” (we live in the country, so he’s right that it often doesn’t work well.) Thanks again for the reply.

You’re welcome! It’s no big deal about the thread. It happens all the time. The forum moderators can move it.

This is always a concern when strange things happen. The Wyze app is safe, and I haven’t heard of any reports about spyware in the cameras and the app. Wyze is very good about informing everyone when something goes wrong with the servers or firmware bugs.

I thought my phone was making calls, but it was just the Wyze app all along.

I have the latest and greatest versions of everything. While using my Pixel 2 XL (Android), and I click on a camera for a live view, it shows that my phone is making a call on my Ford’s screen. This is for both V2 and the Pan Cam.

I noticed that my car stopped connecting to Bluetooth to make a call when I was looking at the wyze cam recently. I don’t remember them mentioning a fix. Does anyone still have the issue?

Nope. Issue has been fixed for me, too, with recent update.

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As at 1st Nov 2019 Exact same problem on a 3 week old cam 2 with latest software update. Car reports that I have an active call as soon as I start it. Very frustrating.

I still have this problem too with my Android phone.

I still have this problem too with my new Android phone.

Which app version number are you all using?

I am on app version 2.5.36

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Does this appear to be an Android only bug? I have never had it happen with iOS so far.