Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?

This is a false statement. I have installed two of those applications and verified it is not locking the audio out in a Fiat or Dodge vehicle. This is not an industry norm, and can be avoided by simply choosing a different product. For those reading, you can verify this yourself by quickly visiting the playstore and testing. Only the Wyze application is causing bluetooth exclusive lockout.

My experience is obviously different than yours as I am do not have any issues in either a Dodge or Ford UNLESS the app, ANY of the apps, is running in the background. And my experience is the same as literally 1000’s of users on Rings and Amazons forums since before Wyze even existed.

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by that. If you’re in your web browser, for example, your audio will be taken over even though you’ve never touched the Wyze app? I’ve never even heard of that. If you’re not interacting with the app, I’m curious how you were able to pinpoint it to the Wyze app in the first place.

I do understand that if you review a video in the app, it exhibits this behavior in most vehicles. This happens in mine as well, just like it happens with my Blink and Ring apps. I do agree that it’s annoying, but I’m not convinced that it’s avoidable, since they all seem to do the same thing. I assume this is a byproduct of the two-way audio support and the garbage way that certain bluetooth head units (including mine) deal with that.

For me, I guess I don’t have the Wyze app open in my car often enough for it to cause me major headaches.

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You are only installing the applications and not using them, I have issues with various apps but it is only while the apps are in use or running in the background, but if you have the app installed and no cam attached to it, it probably will not take over the sound. I do know if you search other forums you will see the issue with other apps also. I am not saying that the issue does not lie partly with WYZE but I think the issue also lies with Bluetooth in general

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Correct, the mere installation of the Wyze app causes bluetooth connections to initiate an audio connection via the call protocol. It doesn’t hijack audio per se, as for example if Wyze is installed and you put the key in the ignition, as soon as it connects on bluetooth a self-call is made so that any audio from the device is transmitted to the headunit. This means any sound, even a navigation app will begin speaking through your speakers.

No other application I have tested exhibits this behavior on a 2013 Fiat 500 and 2009 Ram 1500 other than Wyze.

I was naturally frustrated by why my vehicle would no longer play any audio other than from the phone, and assumed it was a phone update that caused this. Upon research the first results all talk about how Wyze app is the culprit, and sure enough uninstalling the Wyze app discontinues this annoying behavior.

I read from someone else that all the camera apps do this, so I installed a few (although I don’t have the products to finish the setup), and none have this specific problem. Reinstalling the Wyze app and cycling the key to power accessories and sure enough the head units in both vehicles are showing a call, and clicking “hang up” icon on the steering wheel restores radio functionality.

If it were merely an issue of audio being interrupted when viewing the app, something that would almost never happen in a vehicle, that would be a non-issue, but there mere fact that Wyze is installed causes it to initiate an audio connection over bluetooth, which in vehicles means the radio won’t play until you end that self-call.

The only time I run into the issue, and I am not saying you are wrong just that my issue presents a different way. If I open the app and watch a cam but just go back to my phone home screen without backing out of the live view first it takes over the audio, but if i back out to the WYZE home screen first and then back out to my phone home screen I do NOT have the issue. I have run into this happening the exact same way with other camera apps which is why I always blamed it on bluetooth.

That is quite possible as typical Wyze use is to view a camera and then press the home button on the phone to exit, however, applications should not be maintaining control of the mic (what appears to be the issue) as a background process when they are not open.

This seems like a serious security vulnerability since a breech could mean access to spying on people through their mics that remain open even without the app open. After all, we just had a security scare with Wyze releasing our information to the dark web thanks to the latest breech.

In any case, the public needs to be made aware that normal Wyze use is likely to cause problems with bluetooth devices, such as in their vehicle (which almost every car has these days). It certainly would have influenced my decision to purchase the product.

The public is aware of the issues. And as I have stated over and over the issue has been around since before Wyze existed. In this exact thread I posted a link from another forum 6 months before Wyze existed that shows the exact same issue with another vendors App and Camera.

This is NOT a bluetooth problem, this is a WYZE problem. If it were a bluetooth problem, then simply uninstalling the WYZE application would not resolve the issue, which it universally does. This is a problem with WYZE maintaining access to the microphone as a background process even when the application is not running, which is unacceptable and a privacy concern as it shouldn’t be maintaining an open link to the mic even when the app isn’t being used, that’s a spyware red flag.

Bluetooth is not the problem, applications that won’t let go of the microphone when not in use are. The workaround for example of exiting your camera feed back to the Wyze homescreen and then exiting Wyze application demonstrates this fact.

Duncan I am trying to avoid making this about you because I believe you are sincere. But I am and have been a developer for near 40 years. I have developed Bluetooth apps since before Bluetooth was called Bluetooth. Let me assure you this issue exists in numerous apps including ones you say it does not. The issue is primarily one of definition and is VERY well known in the community.

I hope you are not part of the Wyze development team, because it could explain the total lack of action on this flaw with such a blase dismissive attitude. Bluetooth didn’t even exist until the 90s, and the current iteration is only three years old. I can assure you this is an application level issue that can and should be fixed, and the fact that there are other applications that have the same fault of allowing their applications to run constantly in the background when not in use, likely to collect user data to sell on the market, which even big companies like Facebook are notorious for is not and should not be acceptable.


  1. This issue does not exist without the Wyze application installed.
  2. This issue can be alleviated by exiting the Wyze video feed before exiting out of the app, demonstrating a clear app issue with releasing the microphone.
  3. Userbase need to be made aware that this product is likely to cause headaches with their vehicle connectivity, and cause a tremendous amount of frustration because users that are not technically savvy will not likely be able to narrow down the problem to the offending app quickly if at all.
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I am continuing to report this to the team. If you are interested, please send in a log for this issue by recreating it and then going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue.


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I have been able to confirm that these steps will prevent the issue from happening.

I have been able to recreate the issue by not backing out of the live stream before closing out of the app.

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This thread from Tesla’s forum 6 months before Wyze was founded show the issue existed before Wyze.

Loading an application will not cause the issue unless you have actual 2 way audio cameras defined in the app. In other words loading the Ring app when you don’t have any Ring cameras will Not cause the issue.

I have Ring, Wyze, Nest, Arlo cameras among others. The issue is present in ALL cases. In the user forums for ALL the other devices are similar threads exist showing the exact same issue.

This issue is fully documented on numerous Bluetooth Forums. I realize it is annoying as I myself experience it with one or another vendors cameras. Seems to depend a great deal on which camera I was last using or currently using.

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For what it’s worth, I’m still experiencing the issue and it’s still annoying but I can bypass the issue quickly by simply hanging up/ending the call.

Basically what happens is the Wyze app hijacks my phone via the car’s bluetooth and causes the phone to call itself. If I simply hang up the call, I can go back to using my car’s bluetooth normally to make calls, stream music from the phone or another BT device, etc…


Yep that works for me as well. However one day something caused for lack of a better explanation a feedback loop that caused a loud squeal to come from the car radio. That was actually painful. Has never happened again and I hope it never does.

I am attempting to use the wyze lock and they recommend running the app in the background. I have about 15 cameras as well. Having to hangup every time I get into the car is a big pain. I don’t care if this is a known Bluetooth problem. It only happens when the wyze app is open. So wyze is the trigger that causes the phone call to initiate. Give us an option to kill audio or whatever is causing this issue. It’s a pain in the butt!


It’s not a true fix, but you can stop the issue by disabling microphone access in the Wyze app settings.

settings > apps > Wyze > Permissions

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Occurs here as well. Very annoying that Wyze creates calls in-car.