Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?

Excellent summary of the root cause of this experience breaking issue. It’s a shame it’s not been corrected yet. Using the media audio stream (vs. call audio stream) for media audio is an Android app fundamental that is completely botched in the Wyze app. Unacceptable error.

Many phones, like mine, are not able to adjust the in-call audio volume if not in a call, so Wyze camera audio is completely not-functional for me.

@WyzeGwendolyn Force closing the app does indeed stop the “call” that Bluetooth devices think is in progress, but it still doesn’t fix the issue completely. Other audio apps (and indeed the whole phone) are “stuck” on call audio until a reboot.

My wife and I have both suffered through this user experience nightmare since Day 1 with our Wyze Cam v2s that we got at launch… which was over a year ago.

I don’t necessarily object to the design decision to use call audio instead of media. My assumption is that is has something to do with two-way feature. Perhaps using call audio enables noise cancelling to prevent feedback. Other similar apps don’t need to use this call audio “crutch,” so it’s definitely not necessary… but I get that the design is what it is and changing it at this point may be too expensive to expect from such an inexpensive product with a free service.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t seem like this problem is caused by the mere fact that you’re using call audio… it’s that you’re doing something wrong in how you’re managing it. Your not closing something out properly when the app isn’t in the foreground, and THAT is the main problem here. And that should be something that can be fixed.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll share this with the team and appreciate you taking the time to share this with us.

Could you please tell me which app version you have? I would like to report that to the team.

@WyzeGwendolyn 2.3.69

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Thank you! I’ll send that info over now. :slight_smile:

I hear that there’s an improvement coming down the pipeline for this. :slight_smile:

In the last year, this issue has now gone full circle. Nice job Wyze Team.

June 2018
WyzeMaggie (Wyze team)

“I’ve had it happen to me too, just so you guys know. We are investigating into it!”

December 2018

Wyze Technical Support

“The bug has been resolved in our testing based on reports so far, so our next app release should provide the fix.”

December 2018

WyzeGwendolyn (Wyze Team)

“I know that we tried to fix Bluetooth issues in the most recent update. I’ll copy your feedback and send it back to them so that they know it didn’t resolve the issue.”

February 8, 2019

mixonepa (Forum Moderator)

“Hello @drinkcoke, the Wyze team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix for it. :grin:

March 21, 2019

WyzeGwendolyn (Wyze Team)

“We’ve been working on Bluetooth issues but we don’t have everything sorted out yet. We’re continuing to work on Bluetooth issues (such as audio using the call channel) and apologize for the delay.”

March 21, 2019

WyzeGwendolyn (Wyze Team)

“Wyze Cam Pan using the call volume in Android currently isn’t expected to improve since it would require a product redesign to an extent.”

June 10, 2019

WyzeGwendolyn (Wyze Team)

“I hear that there’s an improvement coming down the pipeline for this. :slight_smile:

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I cannot listen to camera audio at all on my phone, as it uses call audio 100% of the time, regardless of bluetooth state being on/off, and I cannot change the call volume unless I’m actually in a call. Therefore, volume is nearly silent and I cannot change it. Unusable major feature.

This is quite literally an app breaking bug that has been known and unresolved for over a year. I can’t really fathom that. :man_shrugging:t2:

Okay, could everyone here please upgrade to the new 2.4 app and give it a try to see if this is resolved now? :slight_smile:

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn. For me, it seems to be using media audio now, which is a major win. I can adjust the camera audio level using my volume rockers, which was not possible before. Thank you!!

However, when I hit the mic to speak through the camera (which works fine), then turn the mic off by taking the icon again, it turns both the mic and the speaker off. Then, when I tap the speaker to turn audio only back on, it’s silent (no sound at all) until I switch to a different app and back to the Wyze app. So it’s much better, but still a little buggy.

OnePlus 6T, Android 9 Pie.


I’ll give this feedback to the dev side! Thank you for the detailed report, @paulmike3. :slight_smile:

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i have 0 issue wit blutooth on my s8. I can play music to my headset and check my house at the same time.

there actually is an issue here, but is totally off topic. It doesn’t happen all the time, but if you’ve have been, or start, viewing Wyze video while attached to a bluetooth device it’ll sometimes hang and in order to get the bluetooth device to disconnect you have to force close the Wyze app. (I’m on android)

Additionally, anytime the Wyze app accesses bluetooth, it does so over the phone profile, verses the audio profile, which is very wonking.

I’m having this problem, too. When I’m in my car, connected with Bluetooth, and I open the Wyze app to view live stream from my V2, it appears on my car’s in-dash screen as a phone call, rather than as media audio. 2015 Toyota Rav4 & Google Pixel 2 XL On Android 9.

I started this thread last year. The new title should be “Bluetooth major bug- still here 1.5 years later. Where is Wyze support?”. I still have the exact same problem after all of the promised “fixes” provided by Wyze. They are simply clueless. Get used to it.

I think this is fixed in the latest WyzeBeta on Android for me.
UPDATE: Nevermind, I had the app open while getting in my car and the issue still occurs! This is madness!

I was checking my pan cam in the car today (stopped at a long light) to see if my son was awake. It made my phone call my car! My number kept showing as the number calling in. I drive a Subaru and have the phone connect via Bluetooth on the STARLINK system.

Any idea why it would do that? It’s just a curious thing, not really a problem.

Thanks! I am new to the site and didn’t see anything on here. Sorry to have begun yet another thread.

It does concern me when it seems like the phone app could be accessed and misused with this camera. I become paranoid that the system could have spyware. I know any system could be abused…but I’ll certainly be much more careful about how I utilize this camera in my home while I’m there.

I must say through, that it works great to know when my teenager gets up and to remind him to do his chores. No more “Your text didn’t come through” or “My phone doesn’t work” (we live in the country, so he’s right that it often doesn’t work well.) Thanks again for the reply.

You’re welcome! It’s no big deal about the thread. It happens all the time. The forum moderators can move it.

This is always a concern when strange things happen. The Wyze app is safe, and I haven’t heard of any reports about spyware in the cameras and the app. Wyze is very good about informing everyone when something goes wrong with the servers or firmware bugs.