Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?


Complaints about the Wyze app capturing bluetooth devices and attempting to make a phone call have been well documented in this forum since the Spring of 2018. A Wyze tech support person also admitted they have the same problem. It’s also the #1 complaint for the app in Google Play. Yet Wyze has not addressed the problem and has not responded to my tech support request. My Pan Cam is 2 days old, has the latest firmware and still has this well known bluetooth bug. Feel free to chime in and let’s try to get some attention to fix this major bug.


It isn’t a problem for me personally But it is an old problem That needs to be addressed and fixed


Hey, someone pointed me toward this thread and I’m happy to try to get a tech person here (though pretty much everyone is out of the office now so it probably won’t happen until next week).

Just so you know, this is the Ask the Community area so you aren’t as likely to get Wyze attention from here. We are further behind on support tickets than we would like to be but we will get to yours when we can. We apologize for the delay on that.


Thanks but I’m trying everything to get your attention. In fact, you were the person who acknowledged you were also having this bluetooth problem months ago! I’m starting to think there is no tech support for these products. My ticket number is 143599. Look through these forums and the feedback on Google Play. This is a real problem.


Here are some of the Wyze threads on this subject. June of 2018 and the problem is still here. Every time I get in my Ford Sync vehicle and my phone calls itself because of the Wyze bluetooth bug, I am reminded how unresponsive Wyze tech support has been on this long standing issue.


I’m actually not the person from that other thread but I definitely understand your confusion with our photos both showing us with blue hair and having Wyze at the beginning of our usernames. :slight_smile:

This has been escalated in the team and we’re taking another look at it. I hear that we’re feeling optimistic that a future app release will be able to help with this but we don’t have a timeline yet. I’ll send this thread to the devs. :slight_smile: