Bluetooth bug



I noticed that when I got in my car, it thought that I was in a phone call. As soon as I killed the Wyze app, the “phone call” stopped. It was not letting me play music on my car’s bluetooth because of the phone call it thought I made. I have experienced this 3 times now, and each time, killing the Wyze app solved the problem.


I noticed this too in my 2016 BMW X3 - at least 3 times. Easily reproducible.


I have a Samsung s8 and recently installed wyze app and now have the same issues you do. My phone connects to my car’s Bluetooth and acts like I’m in call mode. I have to kill the app and unpaired my car to my phone So frustrating ! I hope they fix this .


Same here the App causes Bluetooth to do the phantom call sometimes, and causes music to media player in vehicle to sound funky until I close app too


The same thing is happening to me on my S8.


Same here with my S9+


If any audio device is hooked up via Bluetooth - it will attempt to go that first. I have a BT headset & a GPS with a “speaker phone” built in.

If I playback or watch live video, it sends the stream through the bluetooth on the phone (headset).
(I believe) You can reroute the audio from the BT to go to the speaker, the BT connection, etc.

Agreed its something to sort out in the code, but the solution is to close the app before you get into your car, at least from this point of observation.




Wow, that’d be really annoying.

I don’t get that behavior on my iPhone 6s. The phone sync’s up to the car without issue.

But now I’ve said that, of course you know whats gonna start happening…