I downloaded this emulator for win10. It is just a program that enables you to access playstore. You can access google playstore and download the WYZE app. I see all the cams crystal clear on my desktop even remotely. Other versions I have read have a screen door effect while viewing. This is just like looking at the cams on your wyze app. Basically, it is. Just make sure you have Visualization Technology turned on in your bios or it will freeze. The program shows you what to do if it is not enabled on your desktop. Not supported by WYZE. It works though.


what is the link to the emulator?

Google BLUESTACKS I am not sure I am allowed to post 3rd party links

ok cool…got it

it is pretty cool

as in intel vt

Great, works for me on the Mac, except it’s always portrait mode, I can’t put it in landscape, so I’m stuck with a small video, I wish I could go fullscreen.

I still can’t get Wyze to Cast to my TV. It worked 3 weeks ago, now all I get from Google Assistant is it doesn’t know what screen I have.

“F” it, Blue Stacks works fine.


I have bluestacks 4.19 and am attempting to setup WYCEZ1. On “select your network screen” it only shows BlueStacks as Wifi networkname and asks for a password. How do I use my local network?