Bluestacks Issues



All of a sudden TinyCam Pro will not work in the Bluestacks emulator, while my Wyzecam and Blue Label Camera apps still function just fine in this environment. Tinycam Pro now just times out and shuts down in Bluestacks! I reinstalled TinyCam Pro with no luck in resolving this issue! Does anyone have any ideas what could have happened? Yes, I DID check all of the parameters (user name, PW, unique channel numbers on each of my two Wyzecams, etc.). Tinycam , Wyzecam and Blue Label cam apps all continue to function normally on my Samsung S7, FYI, so it is isolated to Bluestacks on my Win 10 desktop PC. HELP!!


It’s still working for me on macOS. If I had a problem with an app on a phone, I’d try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Perhaps try this in BlueStacks?


I have this same issue



Same. I run Bluestacks on MacOS without issue as well, so it might be a bluestacks issue for the Windows clients.


I just started getting this in Bluestacks also. Either TC or Bluestacks must have been updated to cause this issue. The Wyzecam software is still working fine but TC just tries to start then exits. Running Windows 10…