Blue Birds in Wyze Bird House

All the bluebirds have fledged. House is empty, and had no motion inside for 24 hours or more, so I removed the bluebird house and put up a larger and nicer bluebird house.

“We’re movin’ on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky”

I aimed the camera a bit better. Wanted to get more of the opening, but this is as close as I can get it.

The male bluebird will find a bunch of possible nesting sites. He shows the female what he has found and she builds a nest in the one she likes.

Got a tire kicker in the new house!


Super good stuff.
Thanks for taking the time to share.
I’ve seen some longer form videos on youtube about like this. Some even show some creatively shaped houses for fitting cameras.

Can’t wait to see what new birds you get next year ! Super cool !

A bluebird has been hanging around the house!

As before, a woodpecker sometimes sleeps in it at night and leaves during the day.

If a nest is built, I need to buy live mealworms. Yummy!

This is a different bluebird house. The WOC is mounted on the gazebo, and a Wasserstein solar panel keeps the WOC charged. It is always at 100%.

The camera inside the bluebird house is a v3.

Was reading chances are pretty good one of the fledglings might come back and have a brood in the same house they were hatched in.


Woodpeckers will take over a bluebird house.

This also happened before the last brood.

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