Blue Birds in Wyze Bird House

All the bluebirds have fledged. House is empty, and had no motion inside for 24 hours or more, so I removed the bluebird house and put up a larger and nicer bluebird house.

“We’re movin’ on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky”

I aimed the camera a bit better. Wanted to get more of the opening, but this is as close as I can get it.

The male bluebird will find a bunch of possible nesting sites. He shows the female what he has found and she builds a nest in the one she likes.

Got a tire kicker in the new house!


Super good stuff.
Thanks for taking the time to share.
I’ve seen some longer form videos on youtube about like this. Some even show some creatively shaped houses for fitting cameras.

Can’t wait to see what new birds you get next year ! Super cool !

A bluebird has been hanging around the house!

As before, a woodpecker sometimes sleeps in it at night and leaves during the day.

If a nest is built, I need to buy live mealworms. Yummy!

This is a different bluebird house. The WOC is mounted on the gazebo, and a Wasserstein solar panel keeps the WOC charged. It is always at 100%.

The camera inside the bluebird house is a v3.

Was reading chances are pretty good one of the fledglings might come back and have a brood in the same house they were hatched in.


Woodpeckers will take over a bluebird house.

This also happened before the last brood.

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I have the beginnings of a nest!

Right next door is a 5 star Michelin restaurant

Dad bluebird scouts all the available nesting spots and brings Mom and shows her what he has found. She picks one, makes the nest, hatches the eggs, and feeds the chicks. Dad keeps a lookout and brings food to Mom.

I have live (dormant) mealworms in the fridge downstairs for when the brood hatches. Wife isn’t too keen keeping them close to her food.


Wow, they are still mating this time of year in Illinois? They will definitely need your mealworms, lol.

The heavy bill is also a dead giveaway. Buntings and BB have delicate beaks.

Guys, I have a feeder pic posted from my V3 re-focused to 4". Everything from there to the other side of the feeder (17") is in sharp focus. I will be installing a blue bird nest cam this spring, and will have that re-focused also. Several good vids on YouTube on how to disassemble the V3. Re-focus is as simple as using a hair dryer to warm the glue that keeps the lens from moving, Less than a quarter turn CCW did the trick for me. I suspect you can focus another inch or two closer for a nest cam. No leaks after reassembling, and the camera has been on my feeder pole through several duck-drownders since the surgery.

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Has anyone tried the time-lapse function in the bird house

Never thought of it. Right now my one and only cam runs 24-7 on the feeder. I snap pics or vids when I see something interesting.

Time-lapse would probably be a good idea when I do my nest cam. That way I guess I could save pics a few times a day, and would have a nice record of nest building, hatching, etc. Thanks for the idea. I will try it this spring.

This is still my favorite. 6 eggs. 5 hatched. Man, it stunk in the birdhouse when I cleaned it out after the last bluebird left.

Then I accidentally broke the egg that didn’t hatch. That smell was even worse.

This is a v3 about 4” from the nest.


LOL love the little buggers. I had a few clutches of 5 eggs. One clutch that only hatched 4. Can’t wait to install a nest cam this spring. I’m going to refocus the lens on my spare and get it ready! Thanks

I had a pair of robins build 3 nests in my yard last year. Their first nest was too close to the ground and a racoon raid finished that effort, The next was under the eaves on gutter down spouts, After the chicks fledged, the pair built a 3rd nest on the arbor next to the house.

All three nests were near WCOs. So I was able to position the nearest camera to monitor their progress. I even have the footage of the racoon claiming the first group of chicks.

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A co-worker spent hours and hours setting up a koi pond in his back yard. Stocked it with so not inexpensive koi fish.

He woke up the next morning to fish bones.

Got mad and tore it all out.

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I think this is a nuthatch. I just know bluebirds, cardinals, blue jays, fibches, and woodpeckers.

Camera is a WOC zip tied to a limb. Detection area is right around the opening.


Actually Tom, I think that is a chickadee. I’ve spent many an hour sitting in deer stands in the north woods of Wisconsin watching these little guys working their way through the trees looking for bugs or seeds in the tree bark.


The bird looked nothing like Mae West😎

I have been looking at smart bird feeders that have a camera and an app that identifies the bird. But are they accurate enough to know the difference between a chickadee and a nuthatch? The app most likely has a database of all known birds, and when you enter your ZIP code, that list is pared down to only birds known to your area. This is just supposition.

An app that has access to a Wyze camera feed (similar to TinyCam Pro) but identifies birds instead of displaying a video feed would be great.

This is most likely something Wyze could do. The v3 camera is more than capable. All that is needed is a proper bird feeder and the requisite software.

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Such apps will accurately ID most birds if it is a clear, full body photo. Zip code does narrow down the birds to that area. Use them all the time for plants and birds. You can also ID birds by their calls.

Update. Have a persistent chickadee trying to build a nest in the bluebird house. Let the siren blare for 10 seconds and the dang bird looks like it was paralyzed. Stayed motionless for at least 5 minutes. But it is still coming back. I clean the nesting material and the bird brings more.