Blue Birds in Wyze Bird House

Kids excited to see their weekend project come to life :slight_smile:



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I might have a tenant also!

Cam is a v2

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Looks like I need another birdhouse.

The past few nights a woodpecker has slept in the bluebird house. During the day a bluebird cones and goes, bringing nesting material.


I am getting ready to make a birdhouse and do this same thing.
How high is the camera up off the floor of the birdhouse.
Do you have any pictures to show the birdhouse or any advice?

I originally had the v2 attached with heavy 3m double stick tape but that got updated to Gorilla Glue. I didn’t t want the camera crashing down on new eggs or birds. Can’t really take any photos of the inside because I don’t want to disturb the nest or open the birdhouse. Will be getting another birdhouse just like this so I will take some pictures of the inside.

The v2 is mounted as high as possible. The inside height of the bluebird house is about 6” so the v2 is about 5” away from the nest.

Here is our nightly resident.

I originally had the birdhouse pointing south and never got a tenant, just tire kickers. It now points east. My knowledge of birds is limited. If you are trying to attract bluebirds, know that in Illinois where I live is on the fringe of bluebird migration.

@TomG, do you mod the camera to adjust the focal point? Obviously you have power to the birdhouse, is it close to your house or a garage? Or do you have a solar / battery setup for power?

I used a WCO last year as a RobinCam. It worked well, until the nest was raided and then abandoned.


I did not modify the v2. Snapped a few pics of the interior while it was empty to give you an idea of the mounting.

The gazebo has power so I ran a 20’ MicroUSB cable to the camera.

The camera can be removed. It is slipped into a Wasserstein mount that is attached to the birdhouse with Gorilla Glue. The black sleeve came with the mount.


We are having wonderful weather this weekend, so I bought another bluebird house. Mounted a v3 inside. Interior views are with the door removed.

As for birdhouse #1, I positioned a WOC on the ground looking up. Seems a bird likes to camp in the birdhouse and sticks its head out of the hole. Repositioned the WOC above the bluebird house to get a clearer view.


Seems a woodpecker sleeps in the house at night


So cool, thanks for posting …

You may need to make the entrance a little smaller if you only want blue birds there. (But I will admit that I know nothing about bird houses.)

I know enough about bluebirds to be dangerous. The hole diameter needs to be 1 1/2” diameter to attract eastern and western bluebirds. If the house is in an area where mountain bluebirds reside, the hole should be 1 9/16 diameter (1/16” larger)

Read bluebirds are territorial so the houses need to be 100 to 200 feet apart. Moving the birdhouse to the deck.

The house needs to be 4’ or 5’ from the ground.