Black Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan



We’re looking into this! Though there’s a lot of considerations (such as extra costs) that factor in here. We may try a trial run before deciding if we want to make this an ongoing product offering. For people that want their Wyze Cams to stick out less (and don’t have completely white walls/furnishings) this could blend in to the environment more easily and potentially be less obtrusive. Plus, some people just like the aesthetic of black products better.




I would purchase a black version, as long as the entire camera is black including the base. (i.e. No white ring around the lens, etc.).

Unsure about the color of the cable, though… my initial thought was ‘of course the cable would need to be black, too’. But when I glance over at the cam sitting above my front door, I see the white cable running across the wall and think ‘uhg, a black cable would really look bad there’.


For those who are so inclined, spray painting the cameras are easy. I have 4 V2’s painted a satin black, including a portion of the power cords.

I set the camera’s backside down on 1.5" ± tall pedestals made of cut, folded and taped cardboard.
The masks for the lens and sound openings were 1.25" diameter fender washers with the holes covered with pieces of tape. The washers were centered in the main black disk with just a fringe of black showing around the edge of the masking washers. The small black disc below the lens can be painted over as it is only cosmetic.

The cameras were painted in the collapsed state. Later tilting of the cameras was accomplished with beveled styrofoam painted black. The masking washers stayed in place by there own weight.

They came out very nice.

P.S. The styrofoam angling wedges were later replaced with folded sheet metal wire protection plates, painted black. Because they are steel the cameras magnetic base adheres to them very well.


I purchased 2 black cams the minute I heard about them. Ill let you know what I think when I get them…