Black Cams, Black Icon!


I’d like a dark icon to match all my new black cams! Lots of apps allow you to pick from different icon designs. I’d love Wyze to implement something similar. A dark-mode in the app would also be much appreciated.



Where are you suggesting the black/dark icon appear? I’m asking because a camera icon isn’t really present on the main screens within the app. If you’re talking about the app icon on the phone’s home screen, that icon is changing in the upcoming 2.0 app release and will look less like a camera and be “Wyze colored”:



For a dark theme within the app, please hop over to this topic and VOTE for it at the top of the page:


Once the app has retrieved a thumbnail for the camera, you shouldn’t see a generic icon even for an offline camera and even in the beta app. You should instead see a dimmed thumbnail with “offline” superimposed. So I don’t think this should really be an issue.


I was talking about the homescreen app icon.


Is that the beta app? Might be fixed in the final release. Might also be resolved by a pull down refresh on the devices screen.


Andy… In that case, as I mentioned above, the soon to be released 2.0 app will have a new icon that is neither black nor white.


Mine is similar, with the camera icon for one I have that is unplugged currently. Android app, not beta.


By fix, I mean that once a camera has been connected and viewed, it should show a photo thumbnail instead of the generic camera icon.


Yes, the feature request would be for when the icon appears. My point is that the icon should only appear in rare circumstances. For that reason (and this is just my personal opinion) I would not be in favor of expending any development time on this.