Black Cam For Black Friday



How much longer do you expect your inventory of the Wyze Cam Black to last? Will you be replenishing your supply once the initial batch is sold out?


I don’t know the answer to the first part of your question, although I’m pretty surprised they haven’t sold out yet. I do know that they said this was going to be a one-time thing since the black ones cost more to produce and they are losing money on them because of that.


i am guessing within a week. We currently do not have a plan to replenish after sold out.


Great Job Wyze!


Just received my 2x new and added them to my other 3x for a total of 5x.

Works great and a lot less expensive than the “Other” brands! :+1:


Awe!!! :frowning:


Will the black version be available once again for purchase? I still see it on the website, but no links to purchase? I asked for it for Christmas, but my wife chose the to get me the pan n scan and not the black limited version.


Just bought new v2 Cam and joined this forum to search for a black version. I’m hoping this pilot sale was wildly successful.

I’d love to purchase a few more, but will wait for the “Black is Back” sequel.



You’ll probably want to hop over to the topic below and vote for it. You must click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count.


If I was a burglar I would look for something white instead of a black camera. Much easier to hide a black camera to cover your house.

Please put this black camera again on line and make it standard, you will sell more of them than the white, I assure you.


YES! I am waiting for the black cameras to return before I purchase more. Are they coming back?


Hello @jhartlove, if you head over to these links you can see the latest update on this and you can also vote for them to bring it back. :smiley:

Here’s the links:
Make sure to hit “Vote” at the the top of page.

Latest updates


I need this