Black Cam For Black Friday



Just in the Wyze store. :slight_smile:


You guess incorrectly! It will be the same price. :slight_smile:




Nice color option. I solve my cam color issues with a $1 marks-a-lot. Black, green, brown, blue depending on where its placed to blend in with the surrounding colors like on a black shelf, next to brown nic-naks, inside a green plant, etc… Its easy to change colors if the cam is moved.


Solving my Eve hiding problem of Mine too!


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Regarding the black cam being marketed as a Limited Edition, will it be available for order only on Black Friday or on an ongoing basis? Thanks.


Definitely need to get some of those black. Hope you guys have enough in stock…lol


Why is there no link in the email, or the post? I just want to make sure I know where to buy these!


It will be here:


Sorry, it hasn’t launched yet so there isn’t a link! It’s launching on Friday. :slight_smile:


It will be available starting on Black Friday but only as long as supplies last.


What time on Black Friday will these be available? For sale on Black Friday is somewhat ambiguous in today’s market place. Is that 10 PM on the 22nd? 12:01 AM on the 23rd? 8 AM on the 23rd? Retailers “define” BF a bit differently. Don’t want to miss out :slight_smile:


It would be midnight ET at the earliest but it may end up being later than that. We’ll send out an announcement. :slight_smile:




ok, Thx!

Now How about a link to them.

With 2 mins to go, till black fri.,
I don’t see a page set-up, to get one in a shopping cart?


Just completed my purchase…can’t wait to receive it! :slight_smile:


Completed my purchase as well and got my first Wyze Cam Pan.


I am not seeing it in my app. How did you purchase it?


Sorry! We need to fix that. It will be on the website instead and we apologize for the confusion.