Black bars top & bottom of screen

There are now black bars top & bottom of the screen on the iPad now. Never was like this before. We didn’t change any settings. Can anyone help? Was always full screen previously. The view now looks compressed vertically. Squashed downward.




Are other video programs showing the same black bar?

Have not used any other video apps on the iPad. But there was a software update from Apple on the iOS. So it could be that as the cause of the change.

maybe go to your account and look at your Firmware Upgrade and update that… see what happens…

What you are seeing is a change made in the latest app release. It was intentional as there were many complaints about the video being stretched. What you are seeing now is actually not squashed but is the natural ratio of the video.

In the previous version, the view was stretched vertically to fill the screen, but everything was stretched. This was great if you were trying to lose some weight and stood in front of the camera. But it actually was distorted and has now returned to true aspect ratio. I think perhaps you were used to it being stretched and that’s why it now looks squashed to you.


Yes the aspect ratio actually does appear to be correct now. But the full screen was nice to have also for smaller eyes trying to view.




Can we have the option to choose between the two?

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