Beware: Wyze Switch Terminals are weak

The wire screw terminals for Line, Load & Neutral on the Wyze switch are very weak. Installers can remove the switch face by unscrewing the 4 torx size “6” screws. Then the switch face easily pulls off. Pre-install your own 3 wires by 1st griping the square terminal base with pliers before tightening down the terminal screw. Then reattach the face and install into the house electrical box. This will solve a lot of headaches.


I wish I had read this recommendation before breaking 2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Torx head bit anyway (I presume that’s why they used them). This level of design mistake is inexcusable.


I did a warranty claim for 2 and they sent out another box of 3.

Wyze has known about this but doesn’t seem to care enough to correct it. We shouldn’t need torx to repair their connection failures.

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This is a great suggestion but not ideal for most situations with only several inches of wire accessible from the gang panel and all while feet above the ground. I wish I had known of the issue before having one break on me… I did open mine up and observed the inevitable flaw, but I don’t feel safe using the switch even with the terminal pressed back into it’s proper place. It really would not take much effort for them to fix the flaw and reinforce the terminals. Seems it’s only happening on the black screw LINE terminal? That’s where I had it happen with mine and I’ve seen another post here in the community about it with the same terminal broken.

I wish I had known this before I attempted to unscrew. Now I feel that the knot behind them broke I can hear things rattling inside the switch casing, and there is no freaking way I can open that switch to fix it. This is ridiculous. Such a flawed design.

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Omg same !!

So when inserting the wires into the holes was too tight , so I had to unscrew them a little bit and then the washer broke and now I can’t screw them . Plus something inside broke and it rattles . Flawed design

Luckily I was able to get replacements but such a cheap design

Yep, bad design. It was pointed out in this thread and multiple other ones over a year and a half ago. All this time later and they haven’t bothered to seem interested in engaging any of the threads or fixing the problem.

Yes, these switches are not well manufactured unfortunately. I bought 2 and one had the terminal post broken and rattling inside and the other the switch wont work because the circuit board that has the rubber ‘switch’ on it is recessed too far inside and the plastic switch can’t reach it.