Beware updates

That is an excellent request. Someone has got to have the old file, maybe on a torrent server or something.

We should get the functionality back that was removed, that we paid for.

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I beg to differ with you. One camera went offline to move it. when I went to put it back online it came up to update all and would not let me put that camera back online so I just left that camera off. So my cameras have all of the things that were taken off and asked to pay for BUT now they say if I don’t upgrade before July 26 the cameras will not function. I think I am going to have to wait til after the 26th to see if it is yet another ploy to get you to submit for something they do not have a way of doing. I don’t think they can just change your software without you doing it. Anyone else have this?

Yes they should just honor what we bought the cameras for in the first place and replace any software they lose the contract for free like it was. Then ass the sound file (so easy) that can play from the app to compete with Bosma and others who have built in sirens. Reward the one’s who started with them and built them with that new feature and then see if there are other tings people would buy. IMHO

That’s an understatement.

The announcement was if you can’t update your device to the new more secure Wyze app version 2.22, then after July 21 you won’t be able to load further firmware updates.

The cameras will still work, unless someone you have given access to to the cameras is using app 2.22, and upgrades the firmware on one of them. Then that camera and any like it won’t be accessible by a 2.21 app user.

So if you are using app 2.21, don’t let a family member with a higher version upgrade the firmware. If you all are using app 2.22 or above, you have no issues.


Surprise surprise!! look what showed up in the latest firmware and software update. Person detection is now selectable for free, albeit, in a weird way, but if you have old cameras that had this promised feature, it is now selectable and it works like it did before.

My guess is that wyze either felt the pressure of this in some way, perhaps a lawsuit or enough people complaining. Good for them and sorry they had to go through that whole process of removing it and dealing with our complaints, but we got it back!!

Are you saying all V2 cams have free person Detection again regardless of having the legacy person Detection subscription or Cam Plus?

I know the cam plus team told me recently (publicly so no NDA stuff here) that Wyze was upgrading their pipeline in some way so that cloud traffic costs would be significantly reduced soon and allow them to do a ton more stuff with the AI without it hurting their bottom line as it has been.

I assume if Wyze is enabling this for everyone that it means their pipeline upgrade was successful and now they can afford to do this for everyone without it killing them so bad financially like it used to. I will have to confirm this with my family’s accounts first.

Yes… They did it in an unusual way. If you turn it on and try to use it you will get a notice to subscribe to their service, but you can skip that and it is turned on anyway. It doesn’t look like a mistake. They did it on purpose this way.

Can you put a screen shot of this? Also, what camera did it appear on, v2 or v3?

You could be on a 14 day Trial of CamPlus.


I’m agreeing with the 14 day trial theory. I have tried to skip those and it added it for me anyway.

Go to account tab then services and check the cam plus tab and I bet it added the trial on that camera despite not agreeing to the trial (I’ve had this happen multiple times).

I could not replicate getting person Detection on my wife’s account.

I won’t confidently dismiss the possibility, but I could not replicate it on another account that doesn’t have Cam Plus nor legacy person Detection but has the latest beta firmware and app (by which I mean my wife’s account, and @spamoni4 also confirmed to me he couldn’t get it to work on his either).

Still, that would be wonderful news if it turned out true. :slight_smile: I would not be shocked if they did this at some point though.

If possible, try to take some screenshots of the settings: go to camera - settings - events and it probably says Cam Plus? Or account - services - Cam Plus and see if that cam shows up on the trial?

Many of us are not so savvy in tech. Can you please do a step by step of how to do this in the app? TY in advance!

It says it is person detection – legacy. And it only has my V2 cameras selectable. My version 3 camera is not listed as being able to use this person to detection – legacy feature.

I am fairly certain that it did not sign me up for a trial, because everytime I try to use the free feature, which it does work by the way, it reminds me to try to sign up for cam plus over and over again.

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Well now, that is impressive. Have you ever had Legacy Person Detection in the past? Back when we had the option to continue with it but at a name your price for those who had it before the company was bought out, I didn’t do it. But I am ok with that as my CamPlus has been working great for me and quick responses as well.

I used the name your own price option, and paid $0 and it seemed to accept that many many months ago.
This particular feature that I am showing in the screenshots has never been available to me until I updated the application just a few days ago. I didn’t notice it until I went to go update the firmware of my cameras today.

Got ya. I decided not to do it when I had the option, Kicking myself now. :slight_smile:

I am sure it got caught up with the new UI updates and CamPlus settings being moved. The latest round of Firmware updates corrected a number of items like this.

There was a bug when they moved the settings that had eliminated the Legacy Person Detection Switch, that bug has since been fixed and the switch added back in. My understanding is the switch will be there and if you signed up for Legacy when they did it, it will turn on and if you didnt it will ask you to sign up. My assumption is since you signed up for Legacy Detection (zero amount paying was allowed) you will still have it which is why it is working for you.

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I never understood why they allowed us to sign up with the $0 option. I just rolled the dice and I guess I got it in the end. I’m sure they will find a reason to terminate it again in the future.

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Yea. I should have, just did not feel right doing that. However, I also did not realize you could change the price over time.

But glad it worked out for you.