Beware early adopters - Outdoor Cam Base Station WiFi

New base station firmware and outdoor cam firmware version and base station still does not connect to wifi.

I won’t make friends here but my base station and 4 WOCs have been working great. Had a minor issue with it not connecting with WiFi when Wyze announced the firmware update. It would not connect no matter what I tried. Reconnected the Ethernet cable and it still wouldn’t connect. Flashing blue LED. . Got disgusted and left the Ethernet cable disconnected overnight. In the morning I had a solid blue LED. Left it alone since.

That is disappointing to hear.

My base station is on and not showing updates available. Im going to recycle the the base tomorrow and check again. Im also still waiting for a replacement base station, if that fixed the problem ill keep everyone posted.

Tom, thanks for the tip. I tried your recommendation and left the base unplugged for 1 1/2 day and no luck. Glad it worked in your case, maybe we just have lemon bases…


Worth a shot but sorry you are having issues. Wish there was a way to get your base station here so I could connect it to my network. As an old time mechanic (meaning points and carburetors) I have done a LOT of diagnosing over the years. Some situations required “replace with known good part to verify diagnosis” so if your base station connects with my network, that means the base station is ok and the issue lies elsewhere like a router or mesh issue.

I think most of the people who are unable to get the base station connected through WiFi have a mesh wifi network.

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So I’ve been working with Wyze on this issue for a couple of weeks now and after going through three of their checklists from three different support reps without making a difference I finally asked them to send me a new base station to rule out my early adopter unit being bad. I got it today and tried to hook it up to Wi-Fi with no success. I do NOT have a mesh network. I’ve now tried it using a TP-Link AX6000 router and a TP-Link AX1800. Disabled 5GHz completely on both and neither will allow either of my base stations to connect to Wi-Fi.

I agree. This is not a mesh issue. My base station won’t connect to my ASUS RT-AC5300 or my Netgear R7000P Nighthawk running dd-wrt.

The silence from Wyze on this issue makes it clear they are not sure what’s causing this. Perhaps it was a bad idea for them to try to add such a significant feature the unit was not capable of originally.

I am expecting my second base station bundle in a few days and will post here about the experience.

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I have not tried recently, But cannot use my WiFi either. I am using the physical Ethernet connection. I have a Mesh Network, so you may be correct. :slight_smile:

Recently updated my network to a newer Mesh System - Deco X60, will see if that works later.

Just received my second base station and WOC combo. Connected the.base to Ethernet, did the firmware upgrade, disconnected the base station from power and Ethernet, (I always power off after any update) waited a bit, plugged in the power and Ethernet, got a solid blue LED. Changed from Ethernet to WiFi in the app. Disconnected the Ethernet cable and the LED is solid blue,

Here is a video showing base station 1 with a solid blue LED and the new base station 2 with a solid blue LED.

My router is a Tenda AC23 (AC2100) using factory defaults.

The modem is a Netgear CM600

Here is a screenshot of base station 1 and 4 WOC showing it is connected via WiFi

Here is a screenshot of the new Base Station 2 and one WOC showing it is connected via WiFi.

Again, I won’t make any friends with this post, but perhaps, just perhaps those having issues with the WOC base station might have router issues instead.

Oh, and just for grins before I set up the second base station, I tried adding a 5th WOC to the existing 4. We all know Wyze says max of 4, but hey…

I think all you proved is that the firmware Wyze developed works with your particular setup. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a stretch to say that those of us running into this problem are having router issues.

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I was able to hard wire Ethernet to one of my two base stations and am running Ethernet over power line to my other base station. Just not worth it now to mess with this. Also, my WiFi runs on a Ubiquiti gateway and 2 Ubiquiti access points. I know this is not a typical consumer home WiFi set-up so I’m not holding my breath while Wyze resolves things for my use case. I don’t blame them for focusing on figuring how to get the base stations to get along with more common consumer wireless router brands. This is just another situation I’ve experienced over the years when a device just doesn’t play well with a particular wireless router. I went with Ubiquiti because at any given time I have 30-40 devices connected to my network and I needed a rock solid stable network with enhanced security and monitoring features.

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I agree. The responses have not helped solve this thread. After trial and error I figured out a solution to hook up my base station via wifi. Wyze does not support 5ghz, turned it off on the SSID.

Unifi UDM - mesh network.

Thanks for the update. You may have done this before, but can you provide the Router type and model? Wanted to compare the specs to what I used to have.


Unifi Dream Machine with a beacon HD extender.

Thanks for the info. @TomG, would you mind providing your setup as well?

I was using the TPLink Deco P7 and had issues with the Wyze Camera’s. I switched to the new TPLink Deco X60, and everything has been stable and my connections have been fast. Have not tested the WiFi connection yet. I have Ethernet drops in all of my rooms.


I really hope nobody is switching their WiFi setup to accommodate these cameras…

What are the options, wyze wont even acknowledge the problem


Tenda AC23 router with a Netgear CM600 modem.