Better or modified method of Wyze Bulb reset to factory settings

Ok, so you recently had an outage with Wyze bulbs. Great.

So my wife, not knowing that, flipping the light bulbs on and off a couple times, after the 3rd time, it reset the bulbs completely. THIS IS A STUPID DESIGN.

Let us set the amount of on/off sequence before light bulbs are allowed to be reset. 5 should be the default.

Also, give us the ability to change it to higher. I have kids. Kids are stupid. Kids play with lights. 3 times on and off is way too short.

I dont agree that it is stupid, it is in line with what most companies do, although I have seen some at 5. You do say you have kids and to be honest I could set it at 15 and they would reset it, I just resort to teaching them.
I am not positive but I believe it must be 3 switch flips in a certain period of time. One way of fixing it may be to shorten the period of time while increasing the number like 5 in 3 seconds or something.


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If ductape would only keep them away…

It’s really simple.

3 light flips puts them into pairing mode, but if the pairing never occurs the settings revert back to previously stored.

Kicking off pairing mode shouldn’t wipe existing settings out until pairing is finished.

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