Better adhesive on home monitoring v2 entry sensors

I was super excited to get my home monitoring setup and I really love it so far. However, I’ve only had it setup for less than two weeks and my entry sensor already fell off the top of the doorway that I mounted it to. When setting up the devices, I questioned the stickiness of the adhesive on the back of the devices because it didn’t see super strong. Sure enough one of the sensors fell off the door yesterday. I’ve now had to use super glue to try to keep it stuck to the door. Please improve the adhesive on these devices as I don’t want the alarm to go off by it falling off the door frame! It seems the stick pads for wyze cams are SUPER strong and if equivalent was used on the entry sensors and motion sensors, that would be a good solution.

Mod Note: Added “v2” to title for search clarity.