Beta Version is great.



Installed the Beta Version, works great with a few new features.

  • Alerts are now working on Android- Pixel !!!!!
  • Define Motion Detection Zone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reorder cameras!!




Reorder icon lower right

Need to paint front of this case as well, reflections present. I have a rough cut-out covering it temporary.


Thanks, I signed up for beta, cant wait to check it out!


Can’t wait for these features to go public. In the meantime … must I join the Beta tester program in order to download and use the Beta app? I use an iPad, so I’m assuming the Beta app is available in the App Store as well as Google Play.


iOS is slightly different than Google Play. Yes it’s in the App Store, it’s not freely available though. Apple uses TestFlight for betas, you have to be invited from your Apple ID email address.

Theres more info and a form at


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve used TestFlight in the past so may join the Beta program. I assume that I’ll be able to uninstall the Beta/TestFlight version and reinstall the Public version, should the Beta have issues, etc.

EDIT: found the answer to my rollback question …


Yep, I’ve done that. Since TestFlight expires the beta app, sometimes I’ve had to (from other companies). Wyze has been on top of releasing new betas before the previous beta expires. I think it’s 80 days? I don’t quite remember. I currently have 78 days left on this beta iteration.