Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

I have the same issue of a black screen on the Hikvision.

Works on VLC

Same for me, works with nearly every other player with the exception of Hikvision NVRs (whether OEM or Hik branded). When I say works, I mean that an image is displayed with other players.

I have been trying to troubleshoot for some time now, with no luck. It would be nice if Wyze were to chime in and possibly help with this issue, as it’s limiting me from upgrading all my v2 cams to v3.

wyze needs to make it onvif compliant, just having a rtsp address creates more problems then need it to work with blueiris v5.4.6.3. locally but from outside my network i need to use blueiris server for the wan side. cumbersome to use that on an android phone when just want to take a quick look at my cams, currently i have 3 v3 cams and a few generics but generics have onvif protocols so i can use different rtsp port so apps like ip cam viewer by chou for android work flawlessly when coming from the wan side

Why can’t you code different NAT ports at your router to reach the stock RTSP port on multiple Wyzecams? (E.g., router port 61554 goes to camera one port 554, router port 62554 goes to camera two port 554, etc.)

afaik u would have to have different internal ports but we cant change the wyze rtsp port, router can only direct external wan request to one internal port so devices need their own internal port. on lan it doesnt matter because we are using the lan ip address to connect to the 554 port.
external port can be whatever but it needs to be directed to the correct internal port by router. u cant have the same internal port directed to multiple devices that use same port when coming from the wan side.
this is how port forwarding works and as far as i know thats true unless someone proves otherwise

Yeah, no, it’s fine and easy to do with any consumer grade router. Edit: okay, I’ll hedge and say “most”.

using asus ac86u, above average pro consumer router. not a newb to networking, but only one specific internal port per device for port forwarding, u cant have external address going to same internal port for different devices. unless someone proves otherwise

With RTSP working “well enough” I now have a Camera Page display-able from Home Assistant. Each camera runs it’s own feed through ffmpeg. Home Assistant with DuckDNS and LetsEncrypt provide secusre access for off-site viewing. One port open for Home Assistant, nothing else.

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i seemed to have proven myself wrong, my old asus ac66 didnt have an option for wan internal ip target, ac86u does. still a pia to work with android apps because no web port or onvif support.
but i can use the blueiris server to view the cams remotely on android, dont think bluiris has a android app to do this so i use the android browser to log in the server. just needed an app to quickly view the cams. btw works well on blueiris but i have not tested the audio function as of yet

Are you using stock Wyze RTSP firmware or the docker wyze bridge?

They do:

Not free but works well.

Agree re ONVIF. Or at least some more control over ports, etc., when running RTSP.

Just the stock RTSP firmware

With my Amcrest cameras (native RTSP support):

  • Continuous (on camera) microSD card recording (5MP)
  • Home Assistant records motion events (on RPi server) for 30 seconds (2MP) no cool down period required
  • HA sever copy is copied to a PC server daily
  • HA server copies are deleted, when I feel like it (actually haven’t deleted any yet )
  • Free Cam Plus ?? a bit more fuss

If your tinkering with Home Assistant, I see no advantage to Wyze. If tinkering is not fun for you then Wyze Cam Plus-ity Plus Plus maybe the way to go.
Nothing wrong with an NVR either, but I’m too cheap :wink:

i have it the blueiris android app. the blue iris webui is more what i needed but uses a browser to work on my phone., i just need an android app to quickly view live cam feeds like ip cam viewer by chou,
tiny cam works better when it wants to and has more options, but quick it aint.
i somehow got the wyze doorbell to stream to tinycam but i had it configured for the v3 cam. some kind of anomaly but afraid to change anything as i will lose the feed but its not working consistently. i used the p2p option in tinycam


I bought 3 Wyze Cam v3 after the RTSP Firmware became available. Flashed all of the cameras to have and was excited to get my camera up and running to record and protect my rural property. (Which does not have internet)

I think I have to find a way to return all of these cameras however. Because the RTSP stream disconnects every single 40 Seconds, and drops for 4 to 10 seconds and then returns.

All you have to do to see this is start the camera, connect to the camera using VLC player under stream. And just watch the clock. The clock will freeze at least ever 40 seconds. I have read that the camera is trying to connect to amazon servers and WYZE Servers.

This morning my neighbours left their cottage they have next door. You can see the vehicle in the wide angle of the one camera that faces the front of my house.

I was unable to see the neighbours get into the car and leave, I was recording straight video with no motion detection, just raw. And there are holes and dead spots salt and peppered into the video every 40 seconds. That means that for 25% of the time the camera is not recording if I am losing 10 seconds every 40 seconds.

I just want to catch the 16 year old kid thats been coming to my property and vandalizing it. Someone tell me a camera that will be able to catch him. I thought I would try and save money and get these cameras, but they have made it so you still need the internet and I am losing out of some pretty eventful occurances.

I am a volunteer fire fighter and last night I went out at 4:19 am and 5:20 am for the same false alarm. Well my camera didn’t pick up anything, Because when I left in the 10 seconds I left my camera was not on because its was glitching out trying to connect to an amazon server.

I have read that somewhere in here you can start the camera up connected to the internet. In the winter we may have 3 to 4 black outs. So even if I connected my cellphone to tether the data to the cameras I would lose internet at next power failure.

Someone recommend me and outdoor RTSP Camera that will work for me the way this one COULD have.

I have 4 Wyze V3’s, and all are working well in Blue Iris and the Wyze App, both video and audio. As a test I configured one of my V3’s (in BI) to record continuously yesterday. Although this test was just a short one, my V3 recorded all actions, without any issues, for 1 hour and 21 minutes. So they can work well. :grinning:

  1. OFF internet
  2. OFF Power cam
  3. ON Power cam
    Please speak work?

I use Blue Iris server, which runs on my WIndows 10 PC. I access my cameras via the BI App on my iPhone and/or the BI web browser interface on my Mac. Both work great for my needs.

This camera does not work without internet.

And your point?

If there is no Internet and the power of the camera is turned off, video interruption via rtsp begins. Other camera manufacturers do not have such problems.

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