Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

When I try to view the cameras using the Wyze app, they just spin and spin freeze or won’t connect because the bandwidth is too low…but they work flawlessly with Blue Iris and TinyCam.

I have also removed 3 of the 6 cameras completely off the Wyze app and they still work in Blue Iris and TinyCam. - Motion alerts is almost instant with Blue Iris… Wyze motion alerts take for ever in comparison.

Blocking internet makes no difference to the stream, all that happens is that the camera settings can’t be accessed from the app anymore. My v2’s are blocked from the internet but that doesn’t affect performance.

Unfortunately the v3 performs the same (poorly) with or without an internet connection.

I’ve just tried putting it on tinycam pro, the rtsp stream simply fails from time to time also.

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It does when the blocked cam doesn’t see something that it wants (connection to P2P network, etc.) independent of the stream itself and then does some sort of reset to try it again which kills the stream. Which seems to be what’s happening if they don’t have Internet access when they start up. They’ll then drop off regularly at about 3-5 minute intervals. They’ll come right back up but, yeah, something that they need to fix. Along with adding more setup options under RTSP (local NTP server address, etc.).

However in my case even if the camera has internet access it still freezes/drops off (can be anywhere from a few seconds up to half a minute) so I’m at a loss as to why. Network bandwidth does not appear be an issue.

blocking internet does make a difference. These cameras are known to keep wanting to “phone home”, meaning try to connect to the Wyze servers even on RTSP which is the reason V3 keep disconnecting every few minutes.

Understood, thanks. But as I said, even with internet access allowed I keep getting freezes. Does that mean the connection process makes the RTSP stream drop regardless?

I’ve also noticed my v2s perform much better on RTSP than the v3s. I’ve also read that some V3 have wireless issues were the wireless adapter they have is not as strong and if you have only 2 bars of signal strength, it causes connectivity issues as well…try making sure your v3 cameras always have full signal bars… also try changing the wireless channel to 1,6 or 11… choose the less crowded one.

All the v2/v3 cameras are on 11 and in the app I can see 3 bars strength for the V3. Unfortunately that’s the only free channel that doesn’t interfere with my other gear running on 2.4. Let’s hope the Wyze guys are able to sort this out like they did for the V2 (the last update early this year really fixed up things).

I was really hoping to get more of these after I got a test unit in after hearing of the released firmware (I’m constantly amazed by the low light performance). But not going to happen for the foreseeable future.

yeah I like the low light it has…but I am switching over to Amcrest…they are just a few bucks more and they also have color night vision and amazing night view. I don’t want to keep having to run these Wyze with internet.

Shouldn’t have disconnects due to the RTSP firmware as long as you let them have access when they start up if blocked or run unblocked. I’ve run mine RTSP both ways and not had any issues with losing connection other than the “normal” 3-5 minute disconnects that everyone seems to see. Sounds like something else going on in your case maybe beyond RTSP. Were they stable before?

Which model from amcrest? I have an amcrest for a specific purpose but its large, the wyze has the tiny size going for it which i really like.

No, the camera has been like that from the start. It’s on the same network and location as one of the v2s. I didn’t measure the intervals but the RTSP feed freezes from time to time for up to 20s each time (I might add that the lag is pretty poor as well - between 5 and 8s behind compared to about 1s for my v2’s).

The live view from the app is fine (had to dial it down to 360p though for a smooth view despite the data rate being pretty low so I doubt it’s a bandwidth issue).

Open to any suggestions !

IP5M-T1179EW-28MM - it’s a normal size turret camera. I will most likely also get either a Reolink E1 Pro or the Eufy 2k C24 which also supports RTSP and it’s only $39.99.

Do any of these alternatives have good local person detection / AI and notification without subscriptions (and without a console doing the processing)? I have a Heimlink with local person detection but don’t know if/how it can alert me.

The Wyze person detection announcements through Alexa continue to be a killer feature for me, especially in the pandemic package delivery era.

I have four Amcrest Camera’s

(I drove one hour to a MicroCenter in Tustin, CA for the Spotlight camera’s, purchased the four Amcrest Cameras listed below. While at Microcenter I saw the Wyze Camera’s, and even though they did not support RTSP, opted to pick up a couple of WOC’s and a couple of V3’s as well to ‘test’… I now have 17 total Wyze devices (1 video doorbell, 6 V3’s, 3 with the Windows Mounts, 8 WOCS, 2 Pan Cam v2s and a Wyze Truck on the way, which I still need to purchase a V2 cam for it)

Back to the Amcrest cameras:

I purchased Two of each of these:

Amcrest SmartHome 1080p WiFi Outdoor Security Camera with Floodlight Model ASH26-W


Amcrest 1080P WiFi Security Camera 2MP Model: IP2M-841W-V3

I also used to own their original Amcrest SmartHome Video Doorbell Model AD110 as well, and it was an utter failure, and was returned. (Just quit working, could not connect to it via wireless)

I will consider their current doorbell offering ( Amcrest 4-Megapixel Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Model AD410 ) when my Wyze Video Doorbell dies or I get to the point where I want to bring my doorbell camera into Blue Iris via RTSP. But, my goal of the Doorbell working with my Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) might nix that as it requires Amcrest Premium Cloud Service

Pro’s of the Amcrest Cameras:

  • RTSP compliant on all the camera’s above, so I can use them with Blue Iris
  • Amcrest View Pro for iPad, works in LANDSCAPE MODE properly

Con’s of the Amcrest Camera’s:

  • To use them with my Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) I have to pay Amcrest a monthly subscription (this is what stopped me from purchasing any additional Amcrest Products)

  • NOT impressed with tech support that I dealt with when having issues with returning the Doorbell Camera that was a failure

  • The Amcrest Spotlight Camera, Model ASH26-W is under the “Smarthome” line of products, and thus uses a different app on the phone/tablet, than the “Professional Series” camera such as the Model: IP2M-841W-V3

  • The Doorbell Camera’s fall under the Smarthome line of products as well.

So, if you use only Amcrest apps you’ll be using two different apps. I believe you can view the Smarthome line of camera’s in the Amcrest View Pro app.

All not an issue, if you use something like Blue Iris for all of your RTSP devices. (Amcrest states on the Box that they are compatible with Blue Iris.)

I’m sure I have other pro’s and con’s but that is all I can think of right now.

I like my Wyze Cam’s for what I use them for. I like my Amcrest devices as well. Are any of them a Perfect solution? No they are not. But I can ‘live with them for now’


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You’re getting the wrong Amcrest models then. The one I mentioned does support RTSP and can be used with ANY nvr system that supports rtsp with no monthly fee whatsoever.

I like the Person detection through Alexa as well, but, had to turn it off on most of my V3’s and WOCs, due to the fact that all of my WOCs are placed on the ground around my home, and when the birds hop on by or a Rat enters the picture, they alert as a Person… and it’s a bit unnerving to hear Alexa say “Person Detected”

I don’t think Wyze considered that someone might set the camera’s on the ground like I do.


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Hello Macster2075,
These models do support RTSP without a monthly fee, which is great. One of the reasons I purchased them.

They do NOT work with Alexa unless you pay the Monthly Subscription.


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Take a look at Monocle’s gateway to integrate RTSP with Alexa:

It takes some setup and there are some complications and limitations to the Alexa devices themselves but works OK for basic purposes of seeing a package dropped, etc. No subscription required.

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