Beta Testing for Wyze Cam v3 RTSP Firmware Now Available!

I have done that, but the phone does not do anything when an alert is triggered. I can see the alert on the app but I have to open the app to know there was an alert…I would like for the phone to make a noise or vibrate

I know you are looking for Alert notifications, which I don’t do, However this is my setting to notify me (by push message) of profile changes. See if this helps in setting up what you want to accomplish. Make certain that your phone is seen in the mobile settings of BI.

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Thank you!!! - My phones were listed but did not have a check mark on them…not sure why that was, but once I checked them, notifications started working :slight_smile: , and they are fast too…almost instant…like 2 seconds at most after motion is detected.

I just downloaded Tinycam Pro connected my camera to the app. Now how do I see the events?

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If you mean the Wyze cloud recorded events, TinyCam supports them. Click the triangle “Play” button while viewing the camera, and then switch to the Wyze Cloud tab. This applies only if you are feeding TinyCam your Wyze credentials and not the virtual RTSP credentials. (I think.)

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This was an interesting exercise. Thanks for the pointer

21:22… it’s dark. house light ON. Amcrest Mode=COLOR

Wyze Color image is better (on top). Neither camera shows much detail down the driveway.

21:25… it’s dark. house light ON. Amcrest Mode=AUTO, IR=AUTO

Wyze Color image ok, but those IR photons give a better view down the driveway

Great. Glad you got it working. Enjoy!

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More on moderate light + motion blur

Amazon truck leaving ~6PM October 20

Wyze (2MP):

Amcret (5MP)

I realize that with all the cut/paste/resize loses some of the original picture quality, but the bottom line is than without full sunlight, trying to read a license plate from a “fast” moving vehicle doesn’t work with either camera.

…but I won’t be buying a $450USD camera either: Condensation on new G4 Pro

Different day… better lighting. One of the great things about most cameras is that they can send a snapshot(s) when a motion event triggers.

(I obscured the license plate image :wink: )

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Not sure what your plans are for the cam, but if you really want to capture license plates then you almost need a dedicated camera for that purpose setup in a way that does that best (to the disadvantage of other purposes when dark). First being to take it out of auto and set the exposure to a much faster setting. The overall image will be a lot darker but you’ll get much better results for things in motion. At night you’ll probably see not much else other than the plate but it will be a good sharp capture of that. Other settings can be tweaked to improve things from there. You have a near perfect location for doing that if you wanted. Between running the Wyze in color and the Amcrest set better for plates that could work out well.

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This is great stuff, thanks @YetAnotherDave . In trying to focus (n.p.i.) on substantive differences, in the Amcrest photo you can nearly make out the driver’s head reflected in the sideview mirror.

When you watch the motion video is the plate discernable in either camera?

On a brighter day, with a slower vehicle, I can clearly read a license plate (my own :wink: ) on the Amcrest but not on the Wyze.
I cant’ read the Amazon van license plate with either camera, I’ve viewed the video clips a number of times, They’re too blurry. I also think it is somewhat washed out by the red glare of the break-lights.

I think I’ll try @MikeA 's suggestion to set a faster shutter speed. If I get good results, I just might leave both cameras in place. Maximum geek factor. OpenAPLR any one?

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Note that you can have different exposure settings for day and night (the day/night pull-down at the top of that page). Maybe try starting at 1/60 on Manual for night which will make it darker but you’ll still see something with IR on. Looks like vehicles won’t be going all that fast on that road so might be enough. Can take it up from there as needed. Can improve things once you get the exposure close with brightness/contrast/gamma. Taking gain, sharpness and NR down a hair can help reduce motion artifacts. At the bottom of the list of manual settings is an option to set a min/max range but getting beyond the scope of this forum. Can set IR to manual and boost that too but may wash out things that are closer to the cam. Could also do a walk-through to see how well faces in motion are captured and try to find some happy medium.

That’s really the advantage of the other cams like the Dahua/Amcrest vs the Wyze. You’re able to better control and customize things like this. But Wyze has done a very good job as far as a well optimized color image at night out of the box and for the money it’s very hard to beat.

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Would someone please explain to me why every thread about RTSP devolves into a discussion about Blue Iris?
I use a mix of cameras including Wyze V2 and V3, BUT am interested in HomeKit integration as accomplished using Homebridge.
For the record other than slow load times, the new firmware works great.
For those complaining as if Wyze has somehow failed, it’s time to wake the F*** UP! You’re dealing with a wonderful camera that you payed almost nothing for, and then the manufacturer came back and handed you firmware that assists you in opting out of their subscription service, and you have the audacity to complain?
Thanks for the firmware Gwendolyn.


Totally agree and we’d pay for Cam Plus, as well as hundreds of our clients to replace thousands of cameras, if it was needed to have HomeKit compatibility!

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Hi guys…
So, I got my i7-6700, 16gb ram rig setup with BL and have setup Deepstack and it’s working!
Great improvement on CPU usage compared to my old rig!

Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with intel systems, so I need some help.
I have selected intel+VPP in the settings page as the default… restarted BL, but I still don’t see HA showing up under Status - - do I need to change anything in the bios?


I found what it was… each individual camera had the HW setting set to “No”. Once I set them to default, I can now see “i+” in Status :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that when viewing the live view on the BL machine, it looks smoother than when viewing it remotely on another PC using the browser.
It’s feels like the fps is lower. I have tried the Web Server setting that controls the fps and I have cracked it to the max that these cameras can do which is 20 fps, so I’ve tried setting the web server to 25 or 30, but it still doesn’t looks as smooth.
Is that normal or I should be able to make them look the same?

Dude, noone at wyze cares. Wyze support is pretty horrible when you have a “supported” official product. Don’t expect anything here, its a beta released just to shut us “RTSP wanters” up.

Look how long this thread is, not once has anyone from wyze chimed in. The conclusion and expectations are clear. They said they’d have RTSP on the v3. There it is, they kept their promise.

Now “break the wrist and walk away”!


I’m afraid that you are absolutely right. What bugs me the most about this V3 RTSP version is that it’s not working correctly offline. If you don’t give internet access at power on, it will keep disconnecting every 3 minutes or so. RTSP is supposed to work offline.
I hope they fix this one day…but it will probably be one night in my dreams :upside_down_face:

From my recollection, they did not update the v2 RTSP firmware, though I may be wrong about that. I have zero hope they will ever update the v3 version.