Beta Testing Application For Google Home


We are working on that…



Once we are approved, the setup will be much easier.



Have all the invites been sent? I filled out the form on about the 3rd or 4th day it was open, and it said I was in the 300’s, but not heard anything since.



Great job Wyze team! This is an awesome addition to a great product. Works great on both Google Home Hub and Chromecast Ultra. I don’t know if the video latency could be improved, but the 17 second lag I have between the Wyze app and Chromecast is a bit much. It would also be great to have the Google Home Hub automatically show a camera when motion is detected. I have tried looking into IFTTT to accomplish this, but haven’t found a solution yet. I can see the Wyze camera motion trigger, but can’t get the Google home to show the video stream. If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.



Hello everyone, I have one v2 cam. I got it up and running on my Home Hub and Chromcast ultra. So far it’s working well but there does seem to be a larger delay on the Chromecast vs the Hub.



I agree that there is a large delay when streaming to chromecast it is like 20 seconds.

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Hi, where do I can send my feedback regarding this integration?
Or I just send all on this topic?



Here you go. This google group.the one I got from the invite.


Please keep all beta discussion here

Your naming convention is a bit odd that is why you’ll struggle to view your feeds. Logical names such as “living room” are easier interpreted by Google. If you insist on keeping the camera names as-is, I’d recommend you create a routine as shortcut. Example: “Show camera number one” as the trigger phrase can launch the command “show the camera1 on living room Chromecast”.

Frederik explained the stream can not be viewed within the Google Home app as this is a limitation imposed by Google over which Wyze has no control. Hopefully Google will see sense and enable the Wyze stream to be viewed in-app soon.



Thanks for your work on this! All three of my cameras are working well through voice command using Google mini / Chromecast combo in two different rooms. Lag as others have mentioned ranges from 15-20s.

I compared this with echo dot / fire stick combos in the same two rooms and lag is closer to 5s using the same wifi networks, so there is a significant difference (5s is much more tolerable when using as baby monitor, etc.) Video comes up more quickly on Chromecast compared to fire stick, so this aspect is better.

Also would be great to be able to use the room name rather than the camera name. I know I can set this up as a shortcut with Google and may do that, but Alexa version works this way and is therefor more intuitive. Others have pointed out that you can name the camera after the room, but I don’t find this realistic if you have a lot of devices as they would end up with the same names (i.e. Sonos and Wyze cam in the same room would have the same name). This issue may be on the Google side, and if so I can provide feedback via home app.



What are the steps to integrate with Google Home.I have the chromecast



Does anyone have any issues with latency using the google home beta? I have about 15sec delay on all cams.

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Sometimes no matter what I said, Google assistance found some related YouTube video and show me on my Chromecast. And the same exact command was working just the other day. That makes me realized why isn’t there a Cast icon on the app, where I can cast the Wize feed to the Chromecast? Isn’t that a common thing on most video related app that give Chromecast some address so it can pull the video feed?

I understand that it could get confusing at time with determine exactly what you want. But is there a command that does…
Hey G, show me on <office_TV> from <“Wize Home”>
… instead of …
Hey G, show me on <office_TV>
… and Google pulls some Youtube video clip on front yard camera and display on office TV?



i agree.



Just a quick follow-up on this test result “camera4” can’t be used as a camera name as Google always converts to “camera for”. Can this be addressed?



When I added my cameras in the Google Home application I was able to go in and rename them and set their room location. Doing so allows me to say things like ‘Hey Google stream the living room’.

I have been doing multiple tests and the video feed is always 15-25 seconds behind real time. That is not the case when viewing in the Wyze application, so I am hoping that delay can be addressed to make it closer to real time.



Unfortunately the delay is inherent due to the video streaming formats for Alexa and Google Home differing. The output stream has to be converted between AWS and Google servers, but @WyzeFrederik will be able to explain in detail.



This issue will always be present. Rename the cameras to logical names in the Google Home app such as “Living Room”. Refer to the link below :slight_smile:

Blockquote Beta Testing Application For Google Home



Yes, latency is pretty bad. Also, the initial stream first try seems to be very slow, but gets faster after being closed and brought up again.



So I know Google Assistant supports the following. Which is Wyze using as I know Alexa allows for HLS and Smooth Streaming for its formats meaning we might be able to skip the trans-coding.

  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Progressive MP4 (most likely to be used only for Clips)
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