Beta Testing Application For Google Home


Finally got it going.

Like everyone else. First boot of seying hey google show me … Took 10 - 15 seconds.

Said thank you and it went away. It still showed a card on the google home hub screen saying now playing “smart home Camera”

Then i said, “hey google stop playing,” Google stopped playing the live stream and the now playing card went away.

Second round of Hey google show me . . . . . Much faster and the now playing button disappeared quicker.

Third, Took off my phone from the network and asked google to show me the … and then it said Displaying on my google home hub. i did not want that. . Canceled that command.

Using my phone i asked google to show me my stream of (camera location) and it said it started to display on my TV. canceled that command as well. Not sure if we are able to stream straight from our phones using Google assistant commands.

Anyways, its a good start and its in going in a good direction.

Also, I have to mention. Since I am using a Samsung galaxy note 8 I did not download Google assistant as instructed, since google assistant is already baked into Android. I just went into the home app after clicking the Actions link provided. And went through the usual steps of adding in a device and it showed it perfectly.


How can I get an invite to test this? I have GH hub and 7 speakers, 2 nvidia shields with Hubitat Elevation waiting for this integration, 5 Wyze v2.


The beta application has closed but we’ll try to get the integration out for you as soon as we can. :slight_smile:

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Do you need to be on the local net (along with G Home/Assistant and the Cams) for this to function? I have G Home in multiple locations but currently not at the home where the Cams are. I’ve found some G integrations and functions are supposedly ‘local net only’ but actually can control devices elsewhere if part of your G Home account


Nope! You can use this remotely. :slight_smile:


Does it take awhile after accepting the invitation in the Google email before (test) Wyze shows up in the Google Home app? I did the steps, but I’m not seeing Wyze in the the add device list.


Works like a champ with a Chromecast built-in display. There is a slight lag on initial launch but switching between cameras appears to be seamless. Is there a list of commands?


I got it. There was more to activating the test simulator, than I thought.


Works just fine on a Gen 1 Chromecast, though the delay is about 22 seconds (to be fair, my chromecast and Wyze cam are on separate wireless networks, but they share the same internet connection).

I’ve yet to get it to work on my Home Hub, but I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of not knowing the commands more than a matter of technology. (It works when I manually view the camera from the Hub, again with 20 seconds delay)


I like it alright but there is a long 20 second delay.


Works like a charm on my Lenovo Smart Display, with a lag of about 30 seconds. Very happy with progress so far. You are to be congratulated on your response to your users. I will fiddle with more options once I have the time… Great work!!!

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I am having the same issue with my cams. Gray screen and a bar across the bottom. Im using chromecast and a Google Hub.


Any more invites possible?


Is there a 10 minute maximum viewing time on the Google home hub like on the Amazon echo devices?


Yes, there is a 10 minute timeout.


So far things are working for me. I am having some issues with the name of the cameras and figuring out what say to get them to show. One interesting command I did was “Hey Google stream cameras.” It responded that it was streaming all six, but nothing loaded. It would be awesome if I could has for it to stream my 4 camera group by name so I could get the same view I have in the Wyze app.


Hello, can anyone help me. I received a google group notification that I have been approved for beta testing but I have no idea what to do now. There was no further information.


If you go to the very top of this thread, the directions are posted there by @WyzeFrederik.

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Thanks Wyze team! This was the only thing my Wyze cams were missing (Google home integration). I got the invite, clicked the link above, added my devices and BAM, each camera shows seamlessly. Will keep toying with it and report any bugs. You guys are the best!


I bought a Wyze 2 w/ the express purpose of testing out the Google Home integration. I got it setup and tried “Hey Google, show on Living Room TV.” Watched it spin for the 15 seconds (this is too long) and then it started right up. I couldn’t figure out how to stop it. I eventually searched here and found “Hey Google, Stop Playing” and it stopped.

Then I spun it up again and it started right up, but again the 15 seconds of latency is really too much.

I’m not at all disappointed. It was totally worth the $25 spent. I’m going to get some additional Wyze 2 cameras. I have an old Wyze 1 camera that I setup and the Wyze 2 motion tracking and previews are a lot better.

I wish there was a way to cut down on the shadows triggering the alerts. It would be nice if it would filter that stuff out and maybe do some ML on people or cars, etc.