Beta Testing Application For Google Home


Yes, I found this out too. Still haven’t mastered the language to stop the stream on device.

I found out that if you say “stop” on the Google hub, it will stop that stream, but when I started the camera stream on Chromecast, and then different stream on the hub, I had difficulty getting the CC stream to stop. …



First, I’m happy to report that the stream did show on a Lenovo Smart Display. About 10 second delay after command for it to start the feed, and about 15 second delay between the live activity and the camera feed.

I was able to have one camera feed on the Lenovo hub and a different feed on the Chromecast at the same time.

The picture on the 55" tv looked pretty good through the CC.

“Turn off the camera” doesn’t stop the feed… It powers off the camera. I was able to power it back on using hub touch display.

I assigned the cameras to rooms, and when I asked the hub to show me the room, it pulled up icons for the camera, my Google speakers, and smart bulbs assigned to that room.

When I asked it to show me the (groupname) cameras on (Chromecast), it said it was showing both cameras in that group, but only one feed showed on screen. I tried to get it to go to the next camera, but it didn’t understand.

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I just tested it on the Google home hub, and it worked great! It did stay on “Playing Smart Home Camera” for about 10 seconds before going to the actual stream. It would be nice if it displayed the camera name instead of “smart home camera”. It is nice the recent apps card is on the home screen to go back to the stream. I don’t recall the nest doing that. Also, our most used wyze cam is used as a baby monitor so I would definitely like audio support! Thanks for all the hard work.



Works great. I’m in a remote location, took like 10 to 25 seconds.

Thumbs up.



I get a black screen with an horizontal grey bar instead of the feed. I’m using a chrome cast 2. AndroidTv doesn’t work.



Loving it so far - 10 cameras connected via Google Home, 2 in remote locations in Canada. 2 pan cameras work great also, including great picture quality while panning. All cameras are casting perfectly (with ~15s lag as disclosed) to Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, and Google Hub with no issues! Will be aggressively testing over next weeks. THANK YOU WYZE !!!



So far so good! I asked one at a time to see all of my cameras on my Chromecast. I got through most and then one wouldn’t connect. Exited from Google assistant and tried again a minute later and it worked just fine. It might just be my home network though? I have 14 cams currently.

What command should we use to close the stream with out shutting off the camera? Obviously I just kept asking to see “camera name” until I got to the end but now that I’ve closed the Google assistant notification on my phone the camera display is paused at the time I exited the app.



Almost all working good so far. One issue to note. Five cameras named camara1 through camara5. Can’t view camera4 as Google Home Hub correctly intercepted speech and shows text “show camera4” but in real-time changes it to read “show camera for” or “show camera full”.

Also, from the Google Home app on Android, the camera icons show but cannot be viewed, just edited. I would think that similar to things like lights and thermostats, the cameras should be accessible in the app.



Awesome! No problems so far



I’m guessing this doesn’t work with v1 cameras (I have 2 v1s that didn’t show up as needing to be assigned)



Google Home Hub & Chromecast v2 working great but can’t get it to work with Nvidia Shield Android TV which has Chromecast built in.
Thnx Wyze!!!

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Got it setup! I can view Wyze Cam on Google Home Hub and Chromecast. Streaming to Shield TV is not working but, for some reason, Google cannot stream Arlo to Shield right now either (it worked in the past…maybe a Google problem…?). Connection is made quick enough (again, using Arlo as a reference). The long delay in the video is really annoying. Hopefully, this can be fixed.



So far, so good. Other than a bit of lag on my CC everything i’ve tried worked without fail. Haven’t managed to break anything yet.
WTG Wyze!



We are working really hard to get the audio support back. We had it but it made the stream very unstable and decided to remove it. Because of your use case (not you), we are wondering if we can release without audio.



Unfortunately, V1 are excluded. There is no way we can make it work with V1.

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That’s ok. I’m just waiting for Wyze to deploy an outside cam to retire them.

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Excellent! Just got mine set up. Working pretty solid right now. Thanks you all so much. More to come with testing.



Hi ya! I just recently found this board & wondering am I too late to sign up for the Google integration?
Thanks & here a good day.




Glad to be part of the Beta Testing Group. I have 3 V2 camera’s set up at my home. Got all 3 set up on Google Home. The instructions provided were simple enough and only took less then 5 minutes. The Google home app displays all 3 camera, but only a graphic and not video. The Google Home works great. It does take 10 to 15 seconds for it to display the video feed from each camera.



After a bit of testing, I can get the Google home hub to activate the live feed when you say, “hey Google, show me (camera name)” but she says streaming camera on home hub. Then, it starts trying to play smart home camera, and then goes to an idle black screen with “smart home camera” in the middle. I also noticed, at least on mine, if the camera is already off, it will not show the live feed unless I turn the camera on… The grind continues lol.

Okay so if you tell the Google home hub to turn on the camera it will turn it on. After that, you tell it to show you that camera which then after about 5 to 10 seconds displays the live feed. Looking good guys, keep up the good work!