Beta Testing Application For Google Home


I’m not sure how compliant it is with google chromecast. That’s pretty much the technology that we are using. We need more testing for sure. In between if you can cast your phone to it, you should be able to cast the camera feed…



Thanks for the input @WyzeFrederik :call_me_hand:t5:



Hello @kennethray, here is a reply from the senior developer.



I read through your comments @WyzeFrederik . I’m curious to know are you integrating with Chromecast (Google Cast) or with Actions on Google?


Do you have to manually cast the feed from the Wyze app to a Google Cast enabled device?


Do you integrate with the Google Home platform via Actions on Google allowing you to link your Wyze account to Google and then asking Google “show my front door” and having it load the feed from the relevant camera?

Just a bit curious on this aspect…

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The second. We have done an integration with the google home action.

You see an actual demo in the Q&A video that we release a week or two ago.



Has this test started yet? I filled out the survey the day it was posted, but I haven’t heard anything. Sorry, I’m just so excited to try it!
I understand if those in the test group have agreed not to disclose any details, so if the test has started… Just say nothing. :rofl:



Would love to see this working even as a beta. I have a google home hub in every room and a wyze cam at my front door. Would be great to be able to tell who is at the door when I hear a knock.

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Ive been wondering the same, I just didnt want to ask LOL



First rule of Beta: don’t talk about Beta… Ha ha! I was hoping to have been selected also… Guess I missed out, too… I am anxious to see if this will work with the Lenovo smart display (alternative to the Google hub, but compatible with Google Home ecosystem)



So will this be able to set Google display (actually I have a Lenovo but I’m sure it would work the same as the Hub) to wake up and display my pan cam when motion is detected as in without me asking?



Same here :slight_smile:



Sorry, everyone! The test hasn’t started yet. We ran into some beta blocking issues that we’re still working on resolving before we let you fine folks in to break everything. :wink:



Truth is Im on a biz trip so all this should stall for me :sunglasses:



And here we were keeping the true reason behind the delay under wraps. :wink:

Hope your trip goes well! :slight_smile:



Official Android TV’s/devices integrate with Google Assistant so I’m thinking that they will work. You wouldn’t actually be running an app, but you’d be casting to your Android TV device (if that’s how they’re implementing the beta). With my Google Home, I’m able to give commands to my Mi Box to control it, or I can control it via Google Assistant by using the remote control microphone. There aren’t many big name official Android TV’s out though, and many people get confused between Android TV’s and Android boxes that run on a TV.



Those with android TV can today get TinycamPro (buy or sideload) and set a routine to press the TV mic and fire the app that will show all camaras feedback on the screen, i.e. my routine is “whats going on in the house” and I can use OK Google to fire this routine either my TV or my phone that opens Tinycam and show all Wyza cams feed. Still I hope not need it anymore once Wyze roll this integration directly.



Yep, I use Alexa to trigger a routine which displays my two cameras on my Mi Box through Tinycam. It works out pretty well for my needs. My favorite integration with TinycamPro is the ability to pull up my cameras on my smartwatch running WearOS. It would be great if Wyze was able to make a WearOS app also. It’s so much quicker to just check my wrist than pulling my phone out.



Is this really going to happen OMG



Just signed up, I have a home hub, lenovo smart display, several Chromecasts, an Android TV, and 3 Wyzecam v2’s. Excited to test this out on all my devices and provide feedback. I’ve downloaded the beta app and sent request to join FB group. I’m ready!



Signed up and waiting! I have multiple google home devices, a Lenovo smart screen, and several chromecasts. I have been waiting for this integration since first buying my wyze cam. If it works out, I’ll be buying several more!

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