[Beta]New Beta Firmware Released on 1/31


Sorry for any inconvenience, you can get the official version firmware from https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009821872-Wyze-Cam-Pan-Firmware. Thank you very much.


Upgraded 6 in a batch, 5 worked first time, one needed a 2nd go but works now.


Hey Wyze guys - after reading all of these comments I would say that this was a pretty ugly update. What kind of testing is done before it is released?


It’s a Beta firmware update. Beta testers are one type of testing that is done.
Our cameras die (for a short time) so yours don’t have to. :slight_smile:


Ooops, my bad. I did not notice that this was a beta update.


Updated 7 Pan cams to unknowing that this was a Beta update. (Newly signed up)
2 updated as expected
4 failed and appeared to cause them to go into some sort of reboot loop for about 20 mins and then finally connected.
1 failed and could never get it connected so I downgraded to

Is there a way to notify us in the app that it is a beta update vs released update. That way I can test out the beta version on the cams that are easier to get to in the event that I need to power cycle or load a firmware image manually.

Still love these cameras!!


Are you running the beta app? If so, you will get beta firmware updates.


Like Loki says, I think all of our firmware updates are going to be Beta if we’re using the Beta app.
There won’t be a point where a Stable firmware release will have a higher version number than the beta release.


I just joined.
I updated my Android app to v2.1.17
I updated firmware on 6 cams and it did not go particularly well:
–One V2, updated alone (, said it failed, but it actually worked.
–One Pan, updated alone, (, seemed to work just fine.
–Four V2s done in bulk ( Two updated successfully. Two said they failed. I had to manually update one of those two and power cycle it and eventually got it. The final one, which failed in bulk seems to have actually updated, but I had to power cycle it, didn’t work, removed the microSD card (SanDisk 32gb) and power cycled again, got it up but then it didn’t recognize the card once I put it back in. The card wouldn’t format on the camera so I removed it again, power cycled, formatted the card on the PC and then it all worked. Coincidentally, this is my only camera/card that I do continuous recording on, all other cards are record on motion.


Upgraded last night - two v2s and one Pan. All three upgrades went fast and without a hitch. No connection issues or any other issue noticed while putting them through their paces.

Being able to turn off IR emission is a GODSEND! Works fantastic and now I am getting more detail than ever in my cams that are pointed out the windows. And since I have one outdoor cam from another brand (will replace when Wyze ships the outdoor cam!) that has an IR emitter, I can benefit from the IR lighting it provides with my Wyzecam as well.

For me, being able to turn off IR and still run night vision mode was worth any risk running beta firmware would have presented, but fortunately I haven’t had any issues at all. Thanks, Wyze!


That didn’t go well. I updated 1 of my 5 cam 2’s (black) so far, and it failed. Now the camera just gives a few clicks every roughly 5 minutes. I repowered the camera, and it is still doing the same thing. I’ll have to work on it more tomorrow.


I had to set up the camera again, and it shows the latest beta firmware now, and seems to work. This would have been bad if I didn’t have easy access to the camera.


And, now that it’s night, I can tell that the night mode without the IR LEDs makes things more visible at night than day mode does. It’s not like night and day (no pun intended), but it is an improvement.

And you can see how my camera is mounted in this post:


I’ll think I’ll stick with .24 for the time being. i have no issues with the auto night mode with ir turned off. Seems like a lot of problems with .28 with v2.


Yea I’m running the beta app. I like getting the beta firmware updates. A few questions I have is. 1) Will a beta firmware update eventually turn into an official released update? (If testing goes well) For example if the testing went well for beta and it was going to be released as an official update would it keep the same ID number of or would it be given a new number? 2) As a beta tester with the beta app will I only receive beta updates, or will I also get the official released update (That is assuming the firmware ID number has changed)?

If the beta version and the official released version will never have the same image ID, and assuming the beta app will get both updates my request is that in the beta app when you get the notification of a firmware update that there would be an indication differentiating between a beta update vs an official released update.