[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released



I agree… Local Storage should be moved out to the Camera Settings page, not buried under Advanced Settings. @WyzeLi


My Discover doesn’t go into landscape. 2.0.14, iOS 12.1, iPhone 6 & 8,

Also, people use Discover? I find it somewhat extraneous.


My #1 problem with the current 2.0.14 app is how (in Android), if I close/leave the app and then come back in, it returns to the camera I was viewing last. Then if I hit the back arrow (upper left) or back button on my phone it completely EXITS the app. I expect it to go back to the list of cameras so that I can view a different one.

This doesn’t happen once I’ve effectively restarted the app and start at the list of cameras. I can view cam 1, hit back, view cam 2, hit back, etc. But if I leave it on cam 1 and switch over to another app (and maybe it gets released from memory?) then when I switch back I see cam 1 just fine, but the back button completely exits.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for an awesome product!


The event/notification videos automatically play with the sound turned on. Can this go back to how it was before, and play muted? I also noticed that clicking the sound off button at the bottom of the event video screen, it mutes the entire android phone volume, not just the video itself.