[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released


iOS or Android?



Preferred the On/Off toggle visible on the Home page view for each camera. Don’t know why it was removed in the most recent beta.

This lets me turn off any camera directly without necessarily launching it and waiting for it to connect.

It was very useful. Please bring this back.

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I am not on the Beta testing group … but I’m a bit concerned about future apps since the last App update was not compatible with my iPhone 5C. I know, I know, get a new iphone …

When the app store notified me of Wyze App 2.0.21, I tried to update my Wyze app and received the following message:

“Do you want to download the last compatible version? This version of WYZE is not compatible with this device.”

So, I guess, until I listen to my wife and get a new iPhone, I’m frozen out of all the new goodies in future apps.

Hopefully my outdated WYZE app will allow me to flash the firmware when it’s released. Speaking of which, I hope the new firmware currently in beta doesn’t mess up my live video viewing and event logging in the cloud that currently works in the last compatible app.

Thanks for letting me vent.



Sorry for any inconvenience. We will improve the comparability in the upcoming 2.1 and hope you will enjoy the latest version.



There was an accidental configuration change in 2.0.21 which made a small % of old devices not compatible. We are reverting that change in V2.1 release (estimated next week). Please check that again after we release. Thanks!



Thanks for the quick reply, Wyze team Tao and Roy! I look forward to the update and renewed compatibility. I’d even be willing to be “test” case to see if the iPhone 5C regains compatibility with the new update.




You can join the #beta program and test it right now if you like. See the pinned post about how to join in that section.



Anyone who has created a mobile app knows it’s like building a screen all over again when trying to support all modes, New UX/UI and dev work. It’s even crazier when you support multiple platforms. It’s a lower priority. There are TONS of apps that don’t work in landscape mode. Instagram is one of them.



I’m looking for info about the sound volume. Before the update the sound was good, but now it’s very quiet even when my phone is at 100% - it’s just not loud enough. Is there any way to adjust that?



Hello @wombau4637, have you tried to do a power cycle on the camera? If not I’ll link you to instructions.

Here goes the instructions on how to power cycle:



Is it a cam pan or a v2 ?



It is a cam pan. We have recycled the power to the camera and reinstalled the app but no change. The volume is much lower than it was before the update.




You’re not alone , My cam pan Has a very low volume Now also , worked fine before.
See my post



Hello @wombau4637, is the issue still occuring? if so, can you send in a support ticket through the Wyze app that include log files?

When you are finished submitting the ticket, can you come back and post the ticket number?



We ordered one S9 phone last week for this. It should arrive this week. We will check it.

Wyze Cam Pan is expected to have lower volume than v2. It is because of Pan runs full duplex mode with noise cancellation feature. The noise cancellation will also reduce the regular sound volume. The question is how much it is lower than the previous version. That is something we want to check.

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Okay thanks @WyzeTao, their has been 3 reports of people having the same issue and all were asked to send in logs.

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@WyzeTao , @mixonepa
Just so you know The volume on the cam pan (is the same) very low On all 3 of my devices S9, S7, and a Samsung Tab E.
The sound is faint, it is way lower than it used to be

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Thank you for letting us know :call_me_hand:t5:



I have to update that last statement after testing tonight And power cycling the camera
The phone with v2.1.27 app, The sound Is working OK
The phone with beta v2.2.19 app, The sound is not working OK


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