Beta firmware


I love the beta firmware. I get the trade off. Cool stuff, More bugs. No problem. But it would be super awesome if we had a page where we could see a rough guide as to what is being working on. Nothing too formal as this is a beta but you know, some bread crumbs. We could call them, beta firmware bread crumbs.

PS: loving the new forums…


Check out the #roadmap section. There are comments there by @WyzeGwendolyn for some of the topics indicating the status. And there are also status tags.


I’m going to be working to get more of them tagged and commented on later this week, too! :slight_smile:


#roadmap seems close… thanks for the suggestion. But I was sort of thinking like a rough bullet point list below version number, Sort of like a poor mans release notes. Again nothing too formal, this is beta,… such as


  • learned how to count higher, skipping integer
  • thing i did was bad


  • learned how to count
  • did a thing


Seconded! The upgrade page has a link for release notes but the linked page doesn’t include the beta version (


Can we at least get posts here in the beta section of the forum about what’s new or changed. Firmware has updated on both V2 and Pan cameras twice in the past few days, and not a word here. How can we test new or fixed features if we don’t know what is changing?


@WyzeTao @WyzeLi to add to beta release checklist, maybe we can create a single post and pin in this room, will let @WyzeGwendolyn recommend the right format.


We’re going to want an archive of changes but allow a place for people to give feedback for a specific build. What I’m thinking of is pinning two posts:

Most Recent Beta Release Notes
Archived Beta Release Notes

That way, the most recent one is accessible and people can discuss that separate from the other builds. But if they want to look at the history, they can easily do that. It would take making a post and editing the big post each time but it would save people scrolling past release notes to discuss a single build. We may want to turn off comments for the archive to steer conversation toward current stuff and make it easier to monitor but it’s not necessary.



I agree with @WyzeGwendolyn. However, in the effort of expediency perhaps we start from now going forward. So, effectively the archives section would be empty for now. But as time goes on it gets populated. I just think it might be too time-consuming to account for previous releases.


Oh, definitely. I don’t have all of the old information on hand and while we COULD get it it would be more a more effective use of time to just start fresh. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot to update on Forum for our last firmware update. I added it today. Thanks1