Beta App Release Announcement


Thank you for putting back the IR toggle! My v2s were stuck in limbo without a way to change the setting that was previously set.

In this version the iOS app is acting weird for me under shop and account. It’s not showing my actual account, it’s just blank fields and purchase history only shows the “new” Wyze nest that I tried to purchase. Are beta users being directed to a test server?



wow. @WyzeRoy you guys have done A LOT of work on this roll out. it just blows my mind. I keep reading about people wanting features that are marked later or in development and are griping about not having them in production versions and it just blows me away that they have no idea all the work amazing that is really being done. I’m sure we will find some small bugs that will be fixed very fast ( as seems to be the record) and this will be in production in no time.



Thanks for the update. It is great to see a new feature like the the multi camera view being added (although all my cameras disappeared from my list until I figured out how to make group, and then they reappeared).

Any progress with updating the app to include an image of the alert in the push notification? (like Nest, they first show static image, then update to animated gif so you can see 3-4 frames of the motion right from the expanded push notifications. but hey, I’ll take just an image in the push notifications just so I don’t have to open the app to “see” the alert). This really is a must have feature by most users going forward once they have tried a camera product that has this feature (Nest, Arlo, Logitech, etc).

also the app doesn’t show a recent thumbnail image of the camera until you stream it. can’t you have it update it’s thumbnail once an hour and also show the last alert image if that is newer (which is already stored in the events list)?



Minor bug report, I’m getting a “Cart processing failed. Try again later” error message every time I open the app or go to the home screen. And when I view the cart it says “recommendation data failed”. There is nothing in my cart.



Multi view is awesome, you’ll love it



Thank you for letting us know the issue. Are you on Android or iOS? Could you please send us an App log when this happens again. Thank you so much.



Thank you all!
Only thing missing now is DARK MODE (or NIGHT MODE) to reduce the app brightness on my eyes!



The main device I use is a Samsung s9 plus That I am running v2.2.19
There is a strange thing going on with v2.1.27 that I am running on a Samsung S 7 , Multi view is showing up in that app , Don’t know why it is doing that , It shouldn’t even show Multi view In that app and it is not functioning properly on that app. if I tap on a group it showes the cameras live views fine, but you can’t expand them.
Edit: Fired up my Samsung tablet it has app v2.1.17 on it, It is showing the same As The S 7
Some Screenshots for ya from the s7

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Sorry for any convenience, the version you are using is the Beta version of 2.1 which we partially hide the camera group feature. Due to you have created some camera groups before on the version that supports the camera group, it would show up the entry of the camera groups have been created. Please install the latest version of 2.2 Beta, and you will get the full experience of the camera group. Thank you very much.



Is it possible to use the beta app on o e phone and regular app on another? Or would the cause problems? Thanks



It’s not an inconvenience both Apps work .
The version I am talking about here is not Beta version of 2.1 , I’m talking about public version v2.1.27. that I have on the s7
After playing with it some more I found the multi view Is different and actually works a whole lot better with v2.1.27. app

It has Arrows at the top left that you can tap on to go straight into single view where you have sound and everything , tap the back arrow at the very top to go back to multi view, why does it not work that way with the beta v2.2.19 app

This is what the home page looks like On v2.2.19 app, pic of home page with with v2.1.27 app in last post

I turned the cameras off here but this is the multi view with v2.1.27 app , note the arrows to go into full single view, Those arrows are absent With the beta v2.2.19 app



Love the multi camera feature!! Of course I wish that you could have the features as well, or if there were a way to get to that camera’s features without having to back out of the group and then find it in the dropdown menu, that would be nice. Like, a link from that camera view in the group feature, that would be reasonable perhaps? Go horizontal, click on that cam and then click again to get to the full featured version.



I previously signed up as an Android beta tester and I have not received this update. Is there something I need to do in order to get it?



Have you tried checking out this link and reinstalling it?


#36 says " Welcome to the testing program.

You are a tester." - not sure what else to do.



Still didn’t fix the Bluetooth problem that makes fake phone calls when connected to the car bluetooth. It’s a major bug that has been known for long time.



Sorry about your inconvenience. If your android device is using Pan cam with sound on, it will showing phone call on Bluetooth device that is hardware design. If you have the same issue on V2 or V1, please email me at .



Yes I’m having the same issue on V2 and V1 and the beta version for my Pan cam. It’s really annoying the Wyze cam app sometimes makes fake, unintended phone calls through car’s bluetooth. You meant it’s designed to do so in hardware and can’t be fixed by software?

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My app takes over my cars audio and makes a call every time I load a camera in the car…HOWEVER YOU CAN FIX IT…I simply changed the PERMISSION IN THE APP to NOT allow it to manage cell phone calls and it was fixed. good luck .



Love the beta release. Grouping feature is fantastic. Can’t wait for external Wyze so I can Indoor Group and Outdoor Group :smile: