[Beta] released on Pan for Beta testers

I skimmed through Facebook and saw that post but I didn’t know The statement( just released ) Was buried in there , I didn’t read the whole thing I haven’t had any problem with mine

Issue is non-existent here on my Pan Cam running FW.

Installed from and unable to change Night Vision mode. Sent Bug Report. Restarted camera via app and still unable to change mode. Power cycled camera and regained ability to change Night Vision mode.

I have no sound on the pan Cam in live view , yes Sound is turned on .
Restarted from the app and no change
Night Vision mode on/off works fine

Hello @HDRock, have you tried deleting the camera from your account then reparing it as new back to your account?

Not yet I figured I would try Power cycle first

Give that a go and let me know how it goes.

OK power cycled, Turned the breaker off And back on, So it’s all good working fine now :+1:
No problem with night vision either

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Great to hear :grin:

Did the upgrade using app V2.1.16 to Update went OK, and when live stream came back it was still on AUTO. I tapped the the IR status in the top right to change it and got the “busy spinning wheel” and then a notice that the wifi was unstable. Back to live stream and 0KB thru put. Went back to main window and opened pan again. Wouldn’t connect. Closed app and reopened and connected to cam OK. Tried again to change IR setting in upper right and got unstable again. Closed app and came back to cam OK again and went to settings. Changed to ON and back to live stream. Cam won’t connect. Closed app and reopened and connect to cam. Now IR status was ON but cam in full color, not black/white. Filled out report and set off. After connecting with phone with regular app on it and not getting any unstable notice, I went back to iPad with beta and now can connect fine. Still color with IR on. Going to unplug and reboot cam, that fixed it last time a firmware upgrade did this. Will comment on success or failure afterwards.

Ron Phelps
PS have to use wife’s iPad for beta, can’t install on mine for some reason.

Power cycled pan and wouldn’t connect. Power cycled again and connected. Now IR was on and I cycled through the IR settings ok but lens stayed in place. Did a third power cycle and now the IR lens comes down when turned on and goes up in both auto and off settings. Pan up too high to see if IR lights come on or not but will find out tonight after dark.

I found a problem with my pan cam yesterday .
When I tap voice It turns on the mic And the sound , every time I tap voice to stop speaking it turns off the sound Also .
If I tap sound to on, it will stay on but If I turn the mic on then off Sound gets turned off again

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That’s by default, because when you toggle the mike on the Pan, that’s two-way audio. The V2s are one-way only…either talk or listen. Hope that helps!


OK , I see , So it’s always been like that, I don’t use the pan cam Very much

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I’ll cut to the chase. I don’t have a log since I reverted to another firmware to troubleshoot this/similar problem after upgrading to this problematic firmware.

  1. I had two pan scan cameras one with this new beta firm ware and one with an older firmware that I used for comparisons.

  2. the problem I had was that the room appeared very dark with the IR on. The room is larger problem 20 by 20 ft. I could see points of light say from a bathroom way down the hall but standing in the 20x20 I could not see myself.

  3. I thought the IR lights might have been disabled but using the camera in my phone I could see that in fact the IR lights were on, on the affected camera. They appeared as bright as the the older firmware camera that I placed beside it. There are 3 infrared lights running , on each side, vertically beside the lense.

  4. with both cameras on and placed directly beside each other the image was much darker on the beta version firmware. Since the light provided by the non affected camera was being provided I would conclude that it is not the IR lights but in fact is more likely the exposure or something similar. At least in my case anyway.

  5. flashing back to an older firm ware and resetting to factory resolved the issue. I was worried my camera was borked but it was not

I hope this is helpful

PS you can use your phone camera to see infrared lights since it likely does not filter IR light

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I had the issue after I upgraded. I didn’t unplug it, but I did do a power cycle from the settings and it worked after that and I have not had any issues since.

Thank you for your report. We are working on fixing the annoying issue.

Hello and Sorry, I just read this post. I just upgraded to the newest before seeing this but never had the issue of night vision not working. Having gone through the entire software looking for bugs I could not find any. As I said I am on newest (Ver and have not had a chance to look at everything yet but just viewing and ptz it seems stable.


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Upgraded to and all is working as it should. Previous version was getting stuck in night mode and only a reboot would help but now things seem to be fine. seems to have cured the night vision mode problem for me.