Best WiFi mesh system that works with Wyze, Nest, & Ring products?

Funny, just realized that’s the same model number as the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus. Wonder if it’s the same animal.

“AC2200” is a wifi specification, so that appears on models from a number of different companies.

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Ah, thanks!

TP-Link seems to use the “model number” AC2200 interchangeably with Deco M9 Plus to refer to the same device, like Amazon does on their listing here:

But I get your point…

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Ubiquiti Amplifi HD wireless mess router/system works great with WYZE products. Currently have a dozen cameras (v2 and v3) running with scales, monitoring Hub, sensors, and more. Handles about 60 networked devices on a daily basis without issues and can obviously do up to 250+ on one subnet LAN. Management and granular firewall controls are not available, but it does what it is supposed to do in an easy to install and manage package. Was previously running Wansview wireless IP cameras and security server and nothing but connectivity issues. Wyze cams just work with Amplifi HD.

Hmm, I’d still like to hear of systems that work well with everything. :frowning:

Read all the replies, including mine. My system(s) work fine with a wide variety of products from different companies.

I am using an Orbi (older model) and works with everything and no issues. Using Ring, Wyze, and other manufacturers…