Been using my Wyze band for a couple days (gmail notifications etc)

Been using my Wyze band for a couple days now and I love some things about it including the HR and sleep tracking (both better than I expected), alerts from my phone, the bright screen, and the shortcuts.

However the pedometer seems really inaccurate. I walked maybe 3-4 blocks yesterday and the rest of the time was in my small house and the band says I hit 9700 steps. I’d be surprised if the true total was even half of that. Haven’t tried the run tracking yet but if it’s based off the steps count it’s not going to be very useful. Anybody else having this issue? I hope wyze can fix it via a firmware upgrade or adds a calibration feature soon.

Edited to add: it seems way too sensitive to other wrist movement. Just noticed that I got 25 “steps” for washing my hands.


The first day I noticed that too but it seems like mine has balanced out. I have been noticing it seems more accurate for me now. I wore my Fitbit too yesterday and the counts were very close. The first day they were way off considering I got it in the afternoon after already doing 4700 steps. But since then it does seem like it is accurate.

Anyone else not getting gmail notifications? I am getting everything else. I have tried turning it off and back on in settings. Still not seeing it. My Outlook for work notifies me fine but gmail never buzzes me.


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I also noticed the other day that I got around 80 steps washing my hands at the sink.

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