Be able to Slow Down playback of an Event



It would be useful to be able to slow the event recording down to review and capture a particular frame. I note another topic suggests being able to speed up a recorded feed, so perhaps there could be options to speed up or slow down the playback when reviewing an event.


There’s already a few threads up about this


This is different since is about slo-mo vs fast fwd.

That said, I certainly don’t mind the help in pointing out where #roadmap can be consolidated. We try to merge new requests that are duplicates, but don’t always catch them.


Slow mo allows user to ‘zoom’ in time and potentially pause and snapshot the best pic. I think it is a good feature though it could also be handled after saving the clip off to phone’s video app, I think. So that might make this a secondary feature that doesn’t really sell the product since video editing, frame capture, zooming can be handled by apps that are really geared to post edits.
Save development $$ for features that make the product stand out.


Step 1: download recorded footage.
Step 2: use your editing program to slow down the footage.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: profit.