Battery showing while charging in landscape orientation

The past two versions of the WYZE app for iOS I’ve had this issue:

Place iPad mini (5th Gen) in landscape mode, plug in cable to charge, the battery indicator shows constantly.

Current WYZE App: V2.17.21
iPad OS: 14.4

This does not happen with the iPhone I currently use, regardless of orientation.

I haven’t had this issue.
Try rebooting your phone. If that doesn’t work, try deleting he app and reinstalling it.

I have deleted the WYZE app from my iPad, rebooted, then reinstalled the app … same issue.

Still experiencing this in V2.17.42

Still experiencing this:
iPad OS: 14.4.1
Wyze: 2.18.21

Please submit a log.

iPadOS: 14.4.2
Wyze: 2.18.43
Log submitted awhile go … no response.

I am still experiencing this issue
iPadOS: 14.4.2
Wyze: 2.19.22
Still no response from log submitted awhile ago.