Battery Powered Light Switch

My BroadLink hub is in the basement. I use the switch on the third floor on the other side of the house no problem.
I can even have it control Wyze lights together with Wyze plugs and even Geeni lights. Anything Alexa can do in a routine which is a lot.

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Hi Y10, Does the hub connect to your router wirelessly or cable?

The hub connects wirelessly. No Ethernet port.

The Broadlink S3 hub is tiny. 2 inches on either side by about 3/4" high. (Yes, I have one, as well as two of the switches).

Stick-on wifi wall switch to control wyze bulbs

I have Wyze bulbs in every light in the house. Key lights are programed to come on/off to provide mood lighting in the eves. Others, my family and I turn on/of via my phone or wyze watch no problem. Love these!

However, I wish there was a stick-on wireless wall switch that I could place by these lights so that visitors (and me when I put my phone down of have my watch in the recharger) can quickly turn a light wirelessly on/off at need. Then have these lights default back to join the regularly scheduled on/off program the next time its up on the schedule.

I’m not interested granting visitors (especially my kids teenage friends) control to my lights via their phones only have to revoke access (daily) to prevent shenanigans (on/off, flashings, color changes, etc at odd hours just because). However, it would be really nice and handy for visitors to be able to turn on the light on their own, as needed.

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I love the hardware switch device that can help turn on and off lights. A hardware device that anyone can use without using the app is wonderful. What would be maybe even easier and better, is to have a hardware device that does the same thing as a switch but make it battery powered. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about the wiring at all. Have a sticky back that could mount to a wall, and then you could simply put it anywhere. It could have the same type of functions, without all the difficult setup.


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yes please! Battery powered switch! The electric in my house is funky and I don’t want to touch it. Battery powered would be the way to go.

I absolutely agree that someone (and why not Wyze?) should produce a “stick-on” switch, that when pressed is capable of sending on/off commands to Wyze (and Alexa/Google) devices (including activating features or commands).

There are two ways to implement this:

  1. A battery-powered “WiFi” stick-on wall switch. The battery would have to have a way to be recharged or replaced, and since it will be ‘listening’ constantly (to maintain its WiFi connection) may not have all that long a lifetime. In fact, had I not experienced your excellently designed low-power video doorbell, I might not believe this would even be worthwhile attempting due to limited battery life. Still, such a stick-on unit would have to be relatively ‘fat’ and would protrude from the wall unlike a normal wall switch to accommodate the battery compartment, and a rechargeable battery would make it more expensive.

  2. A very thin, locally-powered stick-on wall switch, with a simple dedicated radio link (BluetoothLE?) to an otherwise normal-looking Wyze outlet. There are already numerous sellers of such stick-on wall switches, and since they only transmit their custom radio signals when depressed they consume extraordinarily little power — some of them are even “self-powered” by the physical action of depressing the switch (!), thus never needing battery replacement! Connection to the local WiFi would be accomplished in the outlet unit, which presumably has constant access to wall power.

PLEASE Wyze! Produce (or re-market or whatever) a stick-on solution like this!

Note that this type of thin stick-on switch could also fix all of the 3-way and 4-way wall switch issues! Only one switch is the actual controller unit, and all the other “stick-ons” simply send the non-WiFi custom radio command to the single controller connected to the light!

People could place “stick-on” (or even moveable!) switches for any programmable effect they want wherever they want! Having a physical mounted switch is much more obvious and simple than pulling out your phone then selecting an app, scrolling though devices and selecting an action! (That is, if you’re even carrying your phone, and not a guest at the location.)

If YOU don’t make such a device, others will, and capture a chunk of the market!