Battery Operated Wyze Cam

So has Wyze replies yet for a battery operated camera?

Battery operation will be a feature of the in-development outdoor camera. There is no separate indoor battery operated camera under development. More info about the outdoor camera’s development here: Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam.

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Or if not a battery powered Wyze cam – at the very least a solar powered battery accessory. From what I understand, most solar powered ‘chargers’ can EITHER be charged by the sun OR provide power to connected devices but very few (if any) can do BOTH simultaneously.
So what is needed is a device that can be BOTH charged by solar light as well as have a load on the battery.

Again… I’m envisioning an accessory that is purchased in addition to the Wyze cam itself.
Ideally, an all-in-one design that incorporates a battery and a Wyze cam would be best. But an accessory would allow those who already have Wyze cams to provide solar power to them.

There should be a way to mount my Wyze cam without plugging it in because the cord looks bad hanging down the wall. It would look a lot more professional and sleek.

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